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  1. Cat – Two things about that track… One is that it doesn’t have an air to it [when you think about it] and the other is that you really need to hear it through decent speakers or a set of headphones.  It’s a cheerful little number all right.

  2. I always find a bit of Brendan Behan good as a filler. I had writer’s block when writing a speech a few moons ago and eventually started with his famouis quote “I am a drinker with a writing problem.” 

    The rest flowed!

  3. The man’s a genius on the guitar.  Dire Straits – best played at full volume on a good sound system in the car – when you’re on your own.  Must be a symptom of the middle aged rocker …

  4. tt – A combination of Knopfler and Taylor just has to be good!  I have been a fan of Taylor’s since the 70s.

    Cardi – I couldn’t agree more about the car [and of course the guitar playing].  Unfortunately Sandy is a Queen fan so that’s all I’m allowed in the car.

    InisEanna – I don’t know what you have been up to but you ended in my spam area.  I have passed that link on to Herself to play with.  She is an avid Liveline listener.  I wonder if Joe Duffy is good enough grounds for divorce?

  5. I think it was because I tried to directly link the page with the SWF player. Lesson learnt – as Joe would say, “spank me I’m a bold boy”

  6. John – I do my best to provide a good service!  😉

    InisEanna – It was possibly the link that did the dirty, though others have posted links [such as A Grandad’s one]  I don’t think I will ever understand the logic of some computers….  As for bold boy spanking, I will leave that to Miss Whiplash.

  7. Sandy’s got excellent taste – Queen – what can I say – rock on – some good stuff on youtube..

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