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  1. He’s a crusty old bollix is our Pullit, but his heart is in the right place [usually in his wallet].

  2. Good Friday. Easily known that it MUST have been some sadistic firebrand cardinal in the Rolly-Polly-Holy City came up with that one.
    No meat? No alcohol? FUCK THAT FOR A GAME OF TWISTER!! I eat and drink what I want, when I want. “Ahh, but sure isn’t it only for one day?”, they say. Yeah, your loss bud. That just leaves more steak and Guinness for myself.
    Reminds me of one “Not-so-Good” Friday years ago when I went into a chipper in Ennis and asked for a chip and a burger. Well the two ould ones recoiled in horror and looked at each other. “Do you know what day it is today?”, asked one of them. “Yeah, Sure I do. It’s Friday – now could I have a chip and a burger PLEASE?!” was my reply.
    This shite about closing pubs and off-licenses all stems back from the time when that self-ingraciating stick insect Dev used to go running to Cardinal McQuaid for the nod before implementing state laws.
    For fucks sake, lads. We’re living in the 21st century. Isn’t it high time we changed this McQuaid/Dev legacy. If people want a drink they’re going to have it anyway.
    BTW, GD – have you ever considered asking Pullit to stand in local or general election? he sounds like an island of intuition in a sea of stupidity.

  3. that pub fella sounds like my kind of person =) everything is closed here today so i made sure to have a fridge of beer in to pass the time till tomorrow when i can shop again. for beer. again.

  4. The few bars that there are in Tunisia are naturally not closed today as Good Friday does not exist in Muslim countries but, if you lived here cat, you could not buy alcohol (from the supermarket) on ANY Friday.

  5. InisEanna – Things must have been great in the good old days.  Obviously every single sinner used to live in the pub all day, so the only way to get them out and into church was to force the pubs to close.  I wouldn’t dare mention to Pullit about standing for election.  The only thing he hates more than the law is our “public representatives”. 

    Cat – Pubs are closed in Canada?  Fuck!  I though it was only in this sanctimonious dump where they did that.  That’s Canada off my list of potential places to emigrate to.

    Mossy – Do they welcome Irish pensioners who want to emigrate there?

  6. Is Pullit his real name or is it a nom de biere? Is his first name Willy? Or Just? Do you have one pub only in your village? Are others closed on Black Friday? Questions, questions.

  7. tt – Funny you should mention it but I think his first name is Willie, though that’s not the reason for the nom de bierre [nom de stout?].  His father [and probably his father before him] was always known as Pullit too.  There are various theories behind the name – someone once suggested that he liked his chicks young, in which case I suppose his name is spelled Pullet?  The popular theory is because when he considers you a bit of a regular he indicates the fact by announcing that “if you want a pint, just nod and I’ll pull it”.  I never really thought about it that much.

    There is another pub, but it’s one of those shiny chrome and mirror abominations with several televisions plastering the wall.  Haven’t been in there in ages.  They mostly get any stray members of the young crowd and the sports freaks on a big match day.

    Cat – Yes, yes you do what?  Open the pubs on Good Friday?  Welcome stray Irishmen? 

  8. Funny is’nt it. We are supposedly living in a multicultural society and the old Catholic Church crap still takes presidence. For the non believers or Religions of a different persuasion there is no other choice without raised eyebrows or questions.
    Fukkit, I had a nice steak, onions and chips washed down with an nice Cabrinet Savinon for dinner and I hav’nt been blasted from on high by the Almighty whatever. Yummy!

  9. During my Navy days I was aboard the Penelope stationed in (London)Derry, on a Sunday it was up to and over the border to Buncrana for a drink, that was every Sunday not just once a year on a Friday FFS.

  10. Yeah I’m with Patrick on this one.  It’s only one bloody day FFS!  Around here it’s only been about 10 years since liquor stores and beer distributors are open on Sundays.

  11. Slab – And while they are at it they can rid of that dreary bong bong bong thing every evening at six.  It’s worse than a mullah shouting from a minarette.

    Patrick – The two saviours of an Irishman on Good Friday – the Border and the train to Cork [and that last will confuse a few non-Irish!!]

    Brianf – I thought you lot were supposed to be the world leaders in everything?  Feckit but you’re nearly as backward as us.

  12. Hah! GD. From the time I was a little slablet I thought old people sat in front of their TV’s at 6pm going “Bong! Bong! Bong!…”
    If you ever find yourself doing it you’ll know you’ve become a real aul wan.

  13. You want backwards?  On election day liquor stores and beer distributors are closed.  Bars and restaurants can’t serve alcohol until 8pm when the polls close.  This happens twice a year, once in April for the Primary elections and again in November for the General election.

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