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  1. Miss Noorgard will be one of the first against the wall when the revolution comes

  2. Look at that lovely neck on the bottom photo.
    It would look great with a garrotte around it.
    Joyous thoughts for a happy day.

  3. OK, I guess I’m being thick.  I only see it as … Miss Noorgard will be one of the first against the wall for the execution firing squad when the revolution comes.

  4. She is absolutely correct. If you deny accepted scientific facts such as climate change being man made or that the earth is roundish then yes; you must be fucked up in the head. I have told you knobs before. Read the fucking science. Get a bus down to the Uni and ask any fucking scientist. Isn’t there a Uni in Dublin? They will tell you the same fucking thing. What is wrong with you people? Well now we know.

  5. tt – Climate change is NOT scientific fact.  It is a theory.    

    Pete – Jayzus but you must be desperate?

    Patrick – You should know……. *runs and hides*

  6. Some say that about evolution. Man made probability of climate change is 90%+ accepted by 90%+ of scientists. Get over it.

  7. 90%?  Only 90%?  Good God!  Are you admitting that there is dissension amongst the ranks?

  8. Yeah. There are a few rogue scientists paid off by Exxon etc. And a few cooks. Some just like to feel special by going against the mainstram. Problem is you believe them rather than the overwhelming majority of scientific opinion. Foolish and irrational. Fuck it let’s call a spade a spade it’s plain fucking stupid.

  9. Why are these bloody people so desperately ugly? My own theory is that they were all conceived in some unnatural act by the harridans from either Greenham Common or the South African Embassy.

  10. Toper – I suppose, in fairness they can’t help their looks, but they can fucking help their attitudes.  Maybe we could convince them to all have a mass harakiri to cut down on their carbon emissions?

    Pete – You’re on to a lost cause.  It would be like trying to convince a cleric that there is no god.

  11. Well Granda, fuck him and the poxy horse and cart he was dragged in here on! I have been researching global warming/climate change for about eight years. I have watched Gore speak at the Glasgow Hilton, I saw him present on his movie an inconvenient truth in the flesh (thank fuck the fat bastard kept his clothes on).
    I have came full circle on this whole scenario of global warming/climate change as I used to be convinced that we were all doomed. After performing my own due dilligence I realised, FUCK IT’S A SCAM TO MAKE MONEY! Carbon credits are worthless pieces of paper that do nothing to affect any damage that CO2 supposedly causes, they just create money by trading in some shite that does not exist. Is man causing climate change, hell no, it has been going on for millions of years. Why do we have seasons! Is that not short term climate change? Why do the so called “90%” that TT quotes always using climate models created on computers rather than real data? The IPCC and all the rest of them are nothing more than another shower of con artist bastards!
    Rant over!

  12. That woman did not come up with those anti-human ideas. She is promoting a UN plan called Sustainable Development / Agenda 21. 

    Our world, and our way of life, is being transformed by ‘experts’ working for, and toward, a scientific dictatorship by the people who really run the planet. You will be hearing the word ‘sustainable’ more and more, esp as the UN Conference, Rio+20 Earth Summit takes place in June. The UN, all the foundations, and all the non-governmental organizations, and public-private partnerships, etc, ain’t messing around. This IS the plan.
    Please look into what is happening before our very eyes, and how the environment/climate change is used as part of the control grid. Here’s a video with some of the basics. Also be aware of predictive programming, such as, The Hunger Games.

    Agenda 21 For Dummies

    We all better put on our kicking boots.


  13. Aahh, GD. She might be a nice person. Maybe a bit deluded but nothing up against the wall (your way) never fixed.
    BTW Pete. If you have come full circle from your stance on this whole scenario of global warming/climate change as you used to be convinced that we were all doomed surely you’d be back at the same position. i.e. full sure we’re all doomed.
    Just asking.

  14. What a pair of choppers she has! If I was into S&M I’d be queuing up for a lovebite.

  15. Snookertony – Herself has a cure-all remedy for women like that.  She’ll glower in their direction and mutter that “what they need is a pint of Guinness, an old time waltz and a good ride”.  She could have a point?

    Ger – That conjours up an image I do NOT want to entertain.

  16. “TT if you want some accurate data then please feel free to go and read a blog article”
    This is what makes you a fucking imbecile.
    If you want accurate data don’t read blogs read scientific journals you stupid cunt.

  17. and by the way taking the piss out of her because of her looks is just plain nasty. Shows the sort of people you are.

  18. Looks like someone beat you to it. It looks like she has been kicked in the face a heel of a lot already. From what she says it looks like she suffered brain damange during those kickings.

  19. tt – From above – “I suppose, in fairness they can’t help their looks, but they can fucking help their attitudes.”  

    Incidentally, I see all mention of her as been removed from the Oregon University site where she works, and also from the Whitman College site.  They were there a couple of days ago.  The mainstream can’t distance themselves from her fast enough. 

  20. Welcome Bert!  You would need to be careful..  you might upset tt.  Did I hear someone somewhere mention “Ugly Betty”?  That would be over my head as I have never seen the programme.

  21. TT the blog article was taken from a scientific journal you thick fuck!
    Snookertony, fair point m8, 180 degrees would have been a more apt phrase!

  22. Pete – Oy!  Slag me off if you like, but don’t slag my slaggers.  That’s my prerogative.

  23. Global Warming, Climate Change or Global Cooling, it doesn’t really matter, because one way or the other, as Pete says, the climate is “changing”. And what is odd about the whole scenario, is not the change, but the fact that our climate was so stable for the last 100 years. In the late seventies, the big scare was the coming Ice Age. The early noughties saw global warming as a possible money earner for a few, but when there were not enough people as gullible as TT, they switched it to something easier called Global Warming. It was “fear for dopes” because A) they just say, just look out the window if you don’t believe us, and B) climate changes anyway over a couple of days. The man-made bit was a little trickier until Gore pulled the stroke with his hockey puck analogy. What he did was rub out the millions of years of changes that went before, take the last couple of hundred years, but leave out the mini ice age, and feed it all in one end of a computer program that was written to prove his preposterous position. He’s getting very rich though, for an unemployed man. 

  24. “We all believe it, therefore it’s true.  We have also constructed computer programmes to prove our facts which makes it even truer.  Anyone who doesn’t agree with us is thick, mad or in the pay of Big Oil.  You cannot see our data because you are too thick, mad [or in the pay of Big Oil] to understand it.”

  25. Sorry Im late to the party.  This is to “tt” from April 4.
    “Global warming” and “climate change” are bad ideas in science (meaning they are now discarded ideas).  They stem from an approach started in the mid 1970s as climate scientist started using computers.  This approach is called “modeling” or “simulation”.  The physics that was common in that era, one could call it the Carl Sagan Era, was what was used in these models.  They were linear differential equations, which had been used in physics since the time of Newton in the late 1600s (and for the history, I should say, since the time of Leibniz, the German, since all school boys today learn calculus the way Leibniz invented it).  However, what was happening at that same time was a quit revolution in physics that did not become popular in the Universities until about the 1980s, and that is called nonlinear dynamics.  The math that lead to such ideas as “global warming” or that a single variable, such as the concentration of CO2 could exert, by itself, a significant impact on average global temperature, these ideas stem from linear differential equations models of the climate. 
    By all standards of acceptability, these are obsolete today.  Any legitimate climate research occurring right now in real climate labs around the world are using nonlinear differential equation models.  The nonlinear models are completely different beasts.  The most important difference for the present discussion is no one today who knows this math would think for a second that a single parameter, such as CO2 concentration, could, by itself, control the global dynamics of a nonlinear complex system such as the Earth’s atmosphere.  (See Gleik’s Book “Chaos” or the movie Jurassic Park (the 1st one!) to learn a little about nonlinear dynamics)
    So, to make this short and sweet, the real science left behind this political stuff back in the 1980s.  They completely spit and went their separate ways.  The political people – the global warming and agenda 21 and Al Gore crowd are doing politics and trying to screw everybody.  The science is not in, not by a long shot.  Meanwhile, the real scientists are doing what they always do: science.  They don’t do politics because they are too busy doing their real work.  And the science marches on.  It is interesting, you should try to learn about the real science, which is found in physics and geology text books (ones written since the 1990s!), and quit trying to mix that with the half baked crap you find in newspapers.

  26. Oh…A PS to Grandad…kudos for your face kicking method!! Sounds both effective and a nice way to let off steam!

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