Bring back Dubya — 10 Comments

  1. Here on the other side of the big drink we, too, have been wondering what Shrub has been up to. Especially since it is once again a presidential election year.

    Per usual we have a couple of dunderheads fighting it out for their (and Shrub’s) party’s (GOP) nomination. And it is customary, if indeed not mandatory, that the presidential wannabes seek out the endorsement of the last Republican president (Shrub).

    But…ah…not so much with that; Shrub seems to be toxic, his own party wants nothing to do with him.

    Whom everyone wants an endorsement from is Shrub’s youngest brother, Jeb, erstwhile Gov. of the Senile State of Florida. And Jeb’s keepin’ his mouth shut as well.

    Do me a favor, son – don’t rile these vipers up. They may well make for great comedy for y’all thousands of miles away, but back here they’re nothing but a bloody pain in one’s ass….

  2. People with personality, or at any rate eccentric behaviour traits, certainly add colour to public life and give humanity to deadpan everyday political and economic decision making. Our giggles, sneers and guffaws help us cope psychologically with things that hurt us; but regardless of the personal traits of the decision makers, their decisions nevertheless make our lives grind.

  3. Mossy – Yiz are a cheeky little bollix.  D’ya know that?

    Lafsword – Hold on now!  There are limits.  I wouldn’t have that shit in the Dail again if he were the only candidate in Ireland.

    Nick – I don’t think you appreciate how bad our lot are.  You’re having a right rosy time of it over there, by comparison.  Are your lot in the complete control of an unelected foreign mob?  Have your lot stated openly that if a vote or referendum goes against them that they will ignore the vote?

    Bert – Welcome!  That is unfortunately the truth of it.  Though I think that “eccentric behaviour traits” is putting it mildly.  How about “corrupt self-serving money mad characteristics”?

  4. GD, I thought you were “Ireland’s Most Cantankerous Auld Fella”.
    Does this mean your going to be extra cantankerous, heh! full fat cantankerous.
    That’d cost more though.

  5. “Have your lot stated openly that if a vote or referendum goes against them that they will ignore the vote?”

    Sorry, GD, you’re over a decade behind us on the assholes ignoring election results….

  6. Slap – It was my [*cough*] publisher came up with that one.  Cheeky bastards.

    Nick – There they rigged an election.  Our lot aren’t even going to bother with that.  They have just plainly stated they are going to ignore the result before the vote is even held.

  7. Things have become downright dull in politown alright, and on both sides of the pond no less. And  I do miss your pontificating on Dubya and your various irish politicians of the past. But what I miss the most I think are your ramblings about Mary Harney. Those were classic.

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