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  1. CUNTS, Fucking CUNTS. They will screw us out of Billions while we scrounge and scrape for the few miserable fucking yoyos we are allowed to earn just to barely survive.

    Mrs. Slab’s hours at work were cut yesterday, “Oh! sorry, its the economic times, part of company cutbacks d’ye know, you understand”, Fuck that. Its another employer still making a profit screwing the worker over.
    Pure Greed, it still exists, the legacy of The Celtic Tiger.

  2. What’s wrong with a fuckin’ kettle and a jar of Nescafe? What a piss taking twat. Working late? Yeah right! Cunt.

  3. A few things to note first voting for any off these gobshits is a complete waste of time at least in the UK you have the UKIP. Regards the coffee machines see how they dont even think its not right when the whole country is suffering as was said “working late” …my ars*. Their [EU Forth Reich] intention all the time is to rule without any form of democracy they now want Greece to ruled over by an unelected commissioner Ireland it looks like the same plan. Is there anyone in that Dail speaking out are they all bought & paid for.

  4. Still, it seems from the coffee guy like the Europeans couldn’t be any worse than your own home grown Irish. So what’s the problem?

  5. If they all had the decency to at least admit that we are living under a dictatorship, at least then we could start a good decent honest to God uprising.  I wouldn’t shed a tear to see the lot of them swaying in the breeze on the lampposts.

  6. So that podgy cunt is the health minister ? Jeez
    I think the only health he is interested in is that of
    his wallet and bank balance.

  7. Calum – He is a podgy old cunt, but in fairness he isn’t as bad as our last Health Minister who was positively obese.

    Cat – Hah!  That is sheer genius!

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