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  1. In the first photo Enda says: In l’Irlande republique we can ignore ze resultat of ze referendum sur le bailout et le EU imposition sur notre budget.

    Sarko reponde: Ma foi. En France I cannot ignore ze resultat du election presidential 2012. Quel bel systeme democratique you enjoy dans votre isle verte.

  2. He’s obviously trying to become “one of the boys” as you say.
    Reminds me of this joke:
    Coming back from another recent EC  summit in Rome, various European leaders were forced to take the train due to a strike by Swiss ATC controllers.     
    Sitting together in the same compartment, travelling through the Swiss Alps, were Sarkozy, Cameron, Merkel and the young and very attractive female Irish minister.
    The train goes into a dark tunnel and a few seconds later there is the sound of a loud slap.   
    When the train   emerges   from the tunnel, Sarkozy has a bright red, hand print on his cheek.  
    No one speaks, everyone is extremely shocked and embarrassed.

    Angela Merkel thinks: Sarkozy, not able to help himself, must have groped the Irish girl in the dark, and she slapped his cheek.
    The Irish girl thinks: Sarkozy, not able to help himself, must have tried to grope me in the dark, but missed and fondled Merkel and she slapped his cheek.
    Sarkozy thinks:  Why me? That perfidious Cameron must have groped the Irish girl in the dark knowing that I’d get the blame for it and she slapped me…the English bastard.

    Cameron thinks: I can’t wait for another tunnel, so I can smack that little French shit again.

  3. Gerald – We must be the envy of the rest of Europe.  Sarkozt fails to get elected?  Just tell the French to vote again.  Simples!

    Mossy – That is just too plausible.  I would say it’s less of a joke and more of an historical account.  Heh!


  4. Are all granddads miserable bastards? I know I am.
    Fuck off tt – not for any particular reason.

    Just used your posh “Click to edit” but only to tell you so.

  5. One of the great pleasures of being a grandad is that the world expects us to be grumpy.  I would hate to disappoint!

  6. Patrick – well I am and increasingly so.
    Grandad – by all accounts that chap on the right with large nostrils is
    known by some as “Narkosy” no idea why.

  7. Sean, typically sigh, cry and die, watchwords of the Irish, Who will hear this message and more importantly, what will they do about it?

    Maybe it’s time to dig up all those weapons that were “put out of use”. Oh no – Gerry, Martin and Ian et al were bought off by Tony with English pound notes.

    How easy was that?

  8. Patrick, at least there seems to be a stirring of emotions at last.  As you say, what will they do about it – come to that what will we do about it when our turn comes?

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