All roads lead to Pharma — 8 Comments

  1. Well, considering almost every choice made by the tobacco control movement leads to some kind of dismal failure, you still can’t rule out pure, innocent incompetence (but I think you’re probably on the money with your theory). 

  2. Patrick – If ever I do decide to quit for some reason or other, it will NOT be as a result of any campaign by anyone!

    Meltemian – That’s their problem.  If everyone in the world quit tomight the world would go into an even bigger meltdown!

  3. My previous wife smoked like crazy. So bad that even I, a smoker at the time, couldn’t take it. She tried to quit but couldn’t. Tried everything and I mean really tried but in the end smoking got the best of her.

    So she asked me for help, maybe I could help her stop smoking. Being the compassionate guy that I am, plus the fact I had just found out that she bought a new car on, get this, my credit (forged my signature she did) I decided the pragmatic way was best.

    So I shot her and found a new wife that didn’t smoke and didn’t mind my own smoking habit. She also had a fine credit rating so I took care of two problems in one blow…er…shot, as you might say.

  4. Kirk M – most people spend their lives worrying over trifling problems.  As you have demonstrated, no problem is insurmountable and quite often, the simplest solution is best.  Nice thinking.

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