All roads lead to Pharma — 8 Comments

  1. Well, considering almost every choice made by the tobacco control movement leads to some kind of dismal failure, you still can’t rule out pure, innocent incompetence (but I think you’re probably on the money with your theory). 

  2. Dick – I think “money” is the operative word above?  And thanks for that Twittery thing you did!

  3. They can’t let everyone stop smoking!  Where else are they going to raise all the taxes they lose?

  4. Patrick – If ever I do decide to quit for some reason or other, it will NOT be as a result of any campaign by anyone!

    Meltemian – That’s their problem.  If everyone in the world quit tomight the world would go into an even bigger meltdown!

  5. My previous wife smoked like crazy. So bad that even I, a smoker at the time, couldn’t take it. She tried to quit but couldn’t. Tried everything and I mean really tried but in the end smoking got the best of her.

    So she asked me for help, maybe I could help her stop smoking. Being the compassionate guy that I am, plus the fact I had just found out that she bought a new car on, get this, my credit (forged my signature she did) I decided the pragmatic way was best.

    So I shot her and found a new wife that didn’t smoke and didn’t mind my own smoking habit. She also had a fine credit rating so I took care of two problems in one blow…er…shot, as you might say.

  6. Kirk M – most people spend their lives worrying over trifling problems.  As you have demonstrated, no problem is insurmountable and quite often, the simplest solution is best.  Nice thinking.

  7. That solution is not available in the land of the firearms ban.
    Unless your in the IRA or the other side.

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