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  1. Would you look at him there with his hairy hands. Seriously though this is just a variation on the ‘we all partied’ theme which allows developers who borrowed hundreds of millions and even billions to hide in among the young couples encouraged to go that bit extra when stretching for a mortgage because they wanted a bit of garden for the child. There’s a big difference- the developers of course are and were major party donors so Enda and others are pulling the catholic guilt lever on the public consciousness as it has been so successfully used by a load a men in dresses for hundreds of years. In fact it is not so far from abuse more associated with canon lawyers- ‘go back and get battered some more Mrs Murphy in your marriage because you haven’t prayed enough for it to stop’.

  2. You twat, I knew it was you all along – you owe me 66 sqillion eurothingys, a cheque will not be acceptable unless accompanied by your current banking details and a copy of your will, duly signed and notorised, in which you leave everything to me and 5 euros to tt or TT when he grows up (fat chance).

  3. The problem is all you get after every election is a different party but same useless government. Democracy is only for that one day every 4 years or so when they are waiting to be voted into office. Soon as they get in they carry on like dictators taking orders from Goldman Sucks and the EU the voters are forgotten about. I dont need to point out that all the main parties in all this from Ahern Biffo and the bankers for them nothing has changed Biffo is sitting on his arse enjoying his €300k a year pension and getting pissed.

  4. We are all guilty, thick stupid idiotic fucking Serf Paddies.
    Most of us believed Fucking Fianna Fail, Bertie followed by Biffo, not once , but three fucking times.
    What credibility is it possible to have abroad after that.
    Then we vote for another dose of cunts who call us ‘Mad’ and imply we’re all thick, ruining what little credilability we might have had left.
    And we do nothing about all this, kicked when we are down. What will it take to wake us all up?
    The Greeks, French, even The Germans would be in the streets going fucking ‘Mad’ if this was their country. The smart ones are emigrating. A lifestyle choice?
    Maybe we, who are left, are too thick to know any better.

  5. I see all the Fine Gael chinless wonders are now all jumping to Edna’a defense with remarks ranging from “yes, it is all the people’s fault” to saying that it was taken “out of context”

    What worries me about the whole business is that we have now run out of political parties to elect.  The current shower are almost as bad as the last lot.  I say “almost” as the last lot really could not be beaten for sheer ignorance and incompetence.

  6. What worries me, GD, is, there are only the nutjobs left. It could be like the 20th century again.

  7. To echo Orwell’s Animal Farm (which a countryman like yourself should be well acquainted with); all animals are equally guilty of borrowing and spending wildly, but some animals in the building trade etc are more wildly guilty than others.

  8. What would I want with 5 kebabs? Anyone tried the Guinness Black Lager yet? GD post 2007 “How to drink a pint of Guinness” 150 comments, ahh the glory days. Back to work.

  9. The Greeks, French, even The Germans would be in the streets going fucking ‘Mad’ if this was their country.
    Got some baaaaad news for you Slab it already is their country, you obviously haven’t been paying attention.

    tt (fia) – the 5 euros is for a tin of dog food, to pay for your first sex lesson, best to start with a scabby alsatian although the dog will probably insist that you put a bag over your head.

  10. Ha HA your not of the woods yet..there gonna bleed you for every f…… euro they can squeeze out of u all and us n all…

    “The EU commission is taking Britain (and Ireland) to the court because, it says, inadequate gas infrastructure is limiting competition. “The maximum interconnection capacity is not offered in the UK and Ireland as the pipeline connecting Northern Ireland and Ireland is not open to the market” the commission said”.

    You know I’ve read this about a million times and can’t make head nor tail of it, we’re ruddy islands.

    Now where the frig did this come from, come on grandad, mmmmm bet you’ve got something to do with this, just turn the key n connect that ruddy pipeline connecting the Nord and the South, your costing us a fortune.

  11. tt [all lowercase] – For some reason that is the most popular post on this site.  Never worked out why.  It gets loads of readers each day.  It’s not even my favourite.

    Jan M – We are being threatened with all sorts of fines from Brussels.  Fines for septic tanks, bogs and now gas.  We should make all those fuckers who voted for Lisbon pay the fines.  Serve ’em right.

  12. PH, The French really don’t know what austerity (Irish Style) means.
    Their version of austerity is a piece of piss.

  13. PH,
    * FRANCE:
    — Plans to raise the minimum retirement age to 62 from 60 by 2018, make people work longer for a full pension and raise public sector contributions to private sector levels. Prime Minister Francois Fillon has ruled out any retreat on his government’s plans. France’s six main unions have called two more days of action on Oct. 28 and Nov. 6 against the unpopular reform.
    — The government is aiming to cut the public deficit to 6 percent of gross domestic product in 2011 from 7.7 percent in 2010, in the first phase of a plan to trim the shortfall to the EU’s 3 percent ceiling in 2013, and 2 percent in 2014.
    — Raising the top marginal rate of tax to 41 percent from 40 percent to fund pension reforms.
    — Raising the tax on capital gains by one percentage point.
    — The end of a one-off corporate tax break in 2010 will increase revenues by 5.3 billion euros.
    — The government aims to raise some 400 million euros from the sale of property in 2011.
    — The end of fiscal stimulus measures will cut 8.2 billion euros from the deficit.


    The Gobshites might have saved their precious AAA rating if they had been realistic with their austerity measures last year.

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