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  1. I signed that a few days ago when Sweary Lady tweeted about it.  The site wouldn’t let me sign again.

  2. Page wont show here, flashes for one second then blank! It’s not April 1st already is it?

  3. Just signed up now – thanks for the link.
    As as Irish Times reader said today:
    “Free access to information on the Internet, independent of the whims of large, powerful private interests is not a “loophole in the law”. It is a freedom which must be promoted and protected”

  4. Brianf – Fair play!  Sure aren’t you more Irish than most of the sods who live here?

    Not Green – I just tried it again and it’s working perfectly for me?

  5. Mossy – That reader is spot on.  In modern times freedom of expression is absolutely vital.  Handing any control to any government would be catastrophic as it would be the thin edge of the wedge.

  6. I’ve signed it a thousand times, but I hacked back into the system and signed it a thousand times more for ya. Indeed, I left a tiny cookie in there givng you the credit; you should soon be more famous than you already are…

  7. i am not signing it. Ireland is far too liberal a country as it is. A bit of censorship is long overdue.

  8. Just check out this Sherlock I see he’s a member of the Irish Liebour party why am I not surprised…gobshi**.

  9. You know…writing the guy is a good idea.

    I did that over here, even penned a missive to Obama. Next thing I know, a couple days later, my little girls have minders; solem, sturdy men adorned with dark glasses, ear pieces and – judging by their ill fitting suits – access to large bore handguns. They follow the girls everywhere.

    And just this morning the missus said she saw a couple of similar guys following her in and out of the grocers, picking up the cleaning, etc etc etc.

    It’s a wonderful use of my tax dollars, keeping the family safe…

  10. Jan M – 48044 and climbing!

    Peacock – Jayzus but Yer Woman was in more danger from her bodyguards than from any protesters.  The press made a real meal of it.  She lost her shoe??!!  WOW.  And Sherlock is indeed a gobshite in every sense of the word.  Heh!

    TT – You’ll be first on the banned list.  It works both ways y’know?

    Doc – Don’t I have my own battalion of CIA camped outside my place since the Bush days?  I keep telling ’em that Manhattan Power and Light on their van is a bit of a giveaway but will they listen? 

  11. “Mossy – That reader is spot on.  In modern times freedom of expression is absolutely vital.  Handing any control to ant government would be catastrophic as it would be the thin edge of the wedge.”

    ANT government, I knew they were organised but fucking hell mate the little bastards will be crawling everywhere, poking their little feelers into issues about which they have no clue, wait a minute…

    tt now all growed up and coming of age having pupated into TT, welcome to the adult world, now all you have to do is find someone ugly enough and drunk enough to steal your cherry – don’t fucking look at me you gormless twat.

  12. Oh for fuck’s sake.  Even my spell checker had no problem with that.  Go back to trying to annoy TT.

  13. 56,270

    Still climbing.

    Thanks, Jan M!  😀  Actually he is on my feeder thingy anyway.  Have to have my daily drop of Filthy. 

  14. I just saw now all 22 EU Forth Reich member states have signed ACTA global internet censorship bill.                              Barry O Bama has also signed the same act bypassing the Senate to ink an agreement that could allow Chinese companies to demand ISPs remove web content in the US with no legal oversight.
    Wont be long now till any sites criticizing governments or the EU will be shut down. What they criticized China for they are now doing themselves. Watch out Grandad for that early morning knock on your door.

  15. They’ll have to get past Herself first!

    And anyway, what makes you think I am critical of the EU?  [*shower of power crazed money grubbing cunts*]

    58,472 and counting…..

  16. Meltemian – Better late than never.  Already the campaign is having results.  Sherlock has been forced into an open debate!

  17. I knew Sherlock’s auld fella, and he would go wherever the wind blew! If the son is anything like him he will take heed of people power. Lots of first preferences in that tally!

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