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  1. “I really am pissed of with this country.

    And I am also getting pissed off with the people in it.”

  2. Only joking – I agree 100% with you on this one. One of the reasons I don’t work at home any more.

  3. Wait until the property tax is up and running, the time will come when people will not be able to afford paying the tax, that’s when the Government steps in and “steals” your house away.
    Don’t believe me? ask the Americans what happens when they can no longer affored to pay their property tax.

    tt (fia) I like it when you talk dirty. I’m sure you meant “turn” instead of “start”.

  4. Bill – Sorry!  You have lost me altogether!

    Mossy – If it weren’t for family ties and the like, I’d be gone in a shot.  I used tpo be proud to call myself Irish.  I’m not so sure now.

    Patrick – There won’t be any house stealing.  They are arranging for all taxes, bills and fines to be deducted at source, so even on a pension, I would have everything deducted before I get it.  They might even let me keep the few bob that’s left though..

  5. Its all so fuckin’ pathetic GD. We were like Turkey’s voting for Christmas. We believed the arseholes we now have in Gubmint.
    I wonder what Paddy Power would say if all today’s loosers went back to his shops asking for their money back.

  6. My bugbear is with these gambler bondholders and who the hell they are? We know these bonds changed hands a few times so we could be rewarding some of the wankers who exploited and bankrupted the State. Cowen or Fitzpatrick at al could be holding these bonds! I would like to see a system like the National Lottery- let the bondholders come to Dublin Castle or someplace on the day with the bonds in their hot little hands and claim the booty! Televised live of course!

  7. All tax is theft, and the greater the stealing, the greater the evasion (evasion, not avoidance). The theft is of labour, that is wealth. So, governments steal what they cannot produce themselves (unless they pull out all the stops and commandeer labour; and then they produce wealth with stunning inefficiency). This is my argument for the minimalist state. They, the government, may be permitted to steal the pittance they need for the things only they can do: creating and maintaining just law, and enforcing it – and maintaining a sufficient military contingent for particular emergencies.

    But no! The government must do good, heal the sick, dispense charity, interfere in every detail of our lives and ban milk. So, Grandad, the hog can only honk: “MORE!” And the sleeping people continue shovelling gold into its perpetually widening gullet. 

  8. The taxes are bad enough, the charges (household, water etc) even worse, but the septic tank registration (tax) really fucks my head over. We are to be victimised with a charge for something everyone connected to a sewer gets for free. We already have to pay for the maintenance and annual cleaning of our tanks.
    Phil Hogan is hell bent on this tax, insisting ground water has to be protected. There cannot be any pollutants in ground water. I accept that we have to have clean water, but there I have a problem.
    I live in a hillside area with mains water, fortunately since the council is building a new cemetry uphill from my home. If I was using my old well, containing ground water, I would be drinking human remains. So, Phil Hogan can go fuck off, ‘cos I’m not going to be victimised and penalised (€3,000 fine for not registering) for having a septic tank and poisoned dead body ground water.

  9. “There won’t be any house stealing”
    Like fuck there won’t – if your car is not taxed they cart it away and can crush it if you don’t cough up.
    As property tax will be directly connected to your house and when you find that the bill can’t be met, your house will be confiscated and eold to settle the bill.
    In the good old US of A houses are being snatched on a daily basis.

    Local authorities will soon learn to use your home as a cash cow.

  10. Slab – Spot on about Paddy Power, but it’s more a case of demanding our money back or we will foreclose on their mortgages.

    Not Green – There seems to be a general consensus that most of the dud bonds have been bought up by German and French banks.  And those fucking idiots in our gubmint can’t understand why the EU insists we pay?

    William – I think it’s nearly time for the two of us to meet and form a political party.  I admire a bit of radical thought, though I would have to add a fair whack of violence?

    Slab – I have said before that there is almost an argument for paying some taxes in that you get something in return.  What really pisses me off is when they tax something that they have never had a hand, act or part in.  My house is my business.  My septic tank is my business.  They can fuck off out of those two.  They do play a small part in supplying my water, but they can fuck off with that as well.

    Patrick – Sadly you are right.  My mistake.  I can just see them checking all the pay cheques [and pension cheques] and deciding that Tom, Dick or Harry is being paid too much so they invent a few more taxes.

  11. It’s late and time for this old fogey to retire to his ragged bedchamber. But a bedtime thought may be the observation that of all the several revolutions waged recently in the Arab world, the one where the result was clearest – Libya – was fought, and right from the begining to its bloody and savage end. And they’re still armed – the dust has yet to settle. But it probably will. A contact I have there suggests, No, don’t take your holiday on a Libyan beach this spring but next, adding that “Cyrenaica is green and very beautiful” at that time of year. An armed revolution will tend to youth; and they have the most to fight for. It is a fact of human nature that when the gloves come off and ordinary life becomes dangerous, minds are greatly concentrated and change at the deepest level is more likely to occur. So, Grandad, how’s that old Gatling gun of yours – y’know, the one you in part converted into a cart for saving the turf, the gun itself cunningly concealed as balusters?!

  12. William – I see there is still some fighting in Libya by a gaggle of Gadaffi supporters.  I think I will give it a miss for the holidays this year after all. 

  13. I celebrated my first birthday in Tripoli – 1952. Keen to catch up with my many friends there, once I can remember their names.

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