Milking that last drop — 12 Comments

  1. Why does yer interviewer take  ten fuckin’ minutes to ask his question? Jeez what a ramblin’ old twat.

  2. Heh!  He’s a bit of a waffler all right, but you have to admit that he wasn’t going to be put off his question!!

  3. I see that tt has missed the other three initials from his title TTFIA is his full set.
    There’s That Fucking Idiot Again.

  4. Pissed off with listening to the shite from the EU – I watched the video with the sound off – interesting taste in ties this lot!!! I might just get round to turning the sound on when I’ve had a few more ‘sherberts’ ……

  5. The EU might be smarter than we’d like to think. You see all the new eastern European members aren’t doing too bad and aren’t up to their eyes in debt. We also have the problem that a lot of our stuff is imported from China and other oppressive poor countries and those places might demand more money and are already draining out the EU’s funds and US funds at a much faster rate.
    So by giving us this massive debt with interest rate that we can just about pay for now but is ultimately not sustainable they drain us out and prepare Ireland as a nice little backyard for European-owned factories with a steady supply of cheap labour, maybe some cheap farm land for supplying Germany with “Premium Bockwurst” and what have you and some holiday homes for affluent Europeans. The process would take 10 or more years but they’re well on their way

  6. VB showed us, inspite of his ramblings, what kind of democracy we are going to get from The Troika/EU.
    All part of the New Order. Perhaps we’ll revolt in 2016.

    I wish I’d been at the press conference. I have a wardrobe full of old shoes. I would have thrown them at the cunts.
    Remember this;
    The shoe thrower made a fortune selling shoes after this.
    I guess he called his boot range “Bush Boots”.
    Question is, what would I call mine?

  7. Patrick – Bloody hell!! What did he do to deserve that?

    Cardi – Unfortunately, when you are owned by them you don’t get the choice.

    Dave – Of course it’s a good thing.  Especially if you like shutting down hospitals and schools so you can afford to pay needless debts?

    Dankoozy – I have held that theory for a while now.  If we behave ourselves we can sell our stuff to Central Europe.  Some of the more successful of us may even eventually be allowed buy a Mercedes.  If we don’t behave and pay all our taxes to The Master Countries, we are cast adrift on our own.

    Slab – I don’t give a damn what you call your shoe provided it’s nicely packed with Semtex.  Or Botulism.  Or anything deadly for that matter….

  8. I don’t run any hospitals or schools, so I don’t see how I could shut any down? Although I have a few debts. But I’m not sure they’re needless. Maybe they are. What are we talking about again? Who are you? 

  9.  ‘Irish taxi driver’ my ars* never been inside an Irish taxi. Flew in on business jet whisked through the airport into limo police outriders straight to collect the bag of money. But is anyone protesting on the streets no, think you are paying a lot of tax now….they are just getting started.

  10. Peacock – It is a constant source of amazement that the Irish are taking this so easily.  Are we really so impressed with the little pat on the back from Brussels?

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