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  1. I have mentioned this before this is an EU plan to put all their taxes on one bill like say the electricity bill. This bill will also include property tax ,TV license,dog license ,cat license ,budgie license, water bill ect. They are trying this out in Greece but last time I heard the unions are not playing ball. I think they are also thinking of taking it from your wages or benefits believe me they are all out to enslave everyone.
    So there you have it the slaves MUST pay everything their masters demand.

  2. Yep, a National Serf Tax even. They might even require all to have a line into a vein so they can take blood too. The fucking Blue Bloods would probably get extra credits though.

    Is Pat Rabbitte’s sister’s name Breeda?

    Heh! Herself just ran in and said “There’s a rabbit under your car”.
    I asked her if it was “A Pat”. She said “if it is I’ll go out and fucking run over the bastard”.
    Its a sign.  Dunno what though.

  3. what the what?!?! ow..yes gather round family as we watch a movie on our wee little phone…geez

  4. Peacock – Thank you ever so much for cheering me up.  I might have guessed Brussels would have a hand in it.  Cunts.

    Slab – Do you remember those wonderful days when we used to look forward to a non-Fianna Fail gubmint?  What a shower of cock-suckers the new lot have turned out to be.

    Cat – You have to admit it makes for a good mental picture?  😉

  5. French TV licence is mixed into the tax d’habitation – part of the property tax like council tax.

  6. I recenty ran a post on how to legally avoid the BBC telly licence. It seems your overseers across the water are way ahead of me.

  7. Next up: an existence tax
    Lets just assume everybody has a house, a tv, computer and drinks water. So obviously these people need to be taxed. Doesn’t matter if they have money or not tax them anyway. They might also have a dog, a cat, or maybe a gun, so tax them for that too, but rebrand what is currently the gun license as an administration fee so that way the government can also collect that from people who actually own guns. Here in Ireland we just love authority telling us what to do, there is no getting enough from it. Without some overlord to pander to we’d be truly lost

  8. There would be far more money for broadcasting if the licence, which is hugely expensive to administer, was abolished completely and stations offering public service broadcasting, including Newstalk and Today FM and the local stations, applied to the Department of Arts and Other Miscellaneous Things for funding for the public service element of their output.

  9. Woodsy – I wonder how much the TV portion is?

    Bucko – I read that.  I’m not sure how it would work under Irish law [[like I care!].  The law here states that a licence is required for any device capable of receiving television signals.  Is streaming classed as transmission?

    TT – We get the occasional programme break during the advertisements.  It’s not quite as bad as the States, but the only channels we can watch without advertising are the BBC channels.

  10. Ian – They would only whinge that they haven’t the cash for that.  Mind you – there is lots of the stuff in the Idiot Tax Lottery coffers?

  11. Dankoozy _ Hah!  just found you skulking around in that moderation thing.  Basically we are heading towards that.  They are now taxing us from the roof over our heads to the sewers under our feet.  Just about every activity you can think of is taxed, except maybe breathing, but I’m sure they are working on that.  I’m beginning to feel like a battery hen – being kept alive just so the EU can suck money out of me.

  12. Grandad – I’m not sure if it is or how it applies as I haven’t looked at I rish law on this. I they bring in these proposals though, I suppose it won’t matter anyway.

  13. There are currently 1.9 million cars in the State and 4.5 million people. Using Rabbite’s logic, he could actually insist that everybody pays car tax on the basis that he suspects that all of us have been carried in a car at one time or another. The baby seat in the back is proof if proof were needed.Then there is the “eating tax”. This could be levied on a sliding scale based on your weight – the fatties would, of course, get hammered.He could argue that it is not a tax on the food itself, just its consumption and he might add that he ‘suspects’ that their is an awful lot of eating going on whether we like to admit it or not. Naturally, this would be a progressive tax, leading to a “shit tax”. Calculating this would simply be a matter of checking how much eating tax you are paying. Have these fuckers no imagination.

  14. Letter in today’s Irish Times:
    “Sir, – If it walks like a tax, swims like a tax and quacks like a tax, then it probably is a tax. – Yours, etc”

    Nice one !!!

  15. Whatever about the Rabbitte. Noonan, The Cunt, thinks our children should all fuck off to Merika or Aussie or somewherfucking else. He should return to(fuck off back to) Limerick (Stab City).

  16. I used to think that Fine Gael or Labour were better alternatives to Fianna Fail.  They are all the fucking same.  That crack of Noonans that emigration is “a lifestyle choice” is beneath contempt.

  17. Not a chance [and how could that be achieved anyway?].  I knew a bloke many years ago who worked in the engineering side of TV.  He had no television at home, but as part of his job he had to carry around a signal meter, which happened to contain a small screen.  He was done for not having a licence for the meter!  [The company went to court and paid his fine but it shows how daft the law is]

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