My password isn’t password — 18 Comments

  1. Mine’s Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch on a special part of my anatomy, Heh!

  2. Sham – Good guess, but I’m afraid it won’t be found in any dictionary or atlas.  And it’s not “Herself” either.

    Slab – You must get very excited when you want to read that lot?

  3. on a certian part of your anatomy eh, humm take some handy work to make it large enough to read without glasses?

  4. Cat – I could always get someone else to do it?

    Sean Eile – I have a long list of addresses.  They are fairly random, with a slight bias towards the US, Russia and Lithuania.  Fucking foreign bastards.

    Not Green – Would that make it difficult to get to sleep?  I don’t like to be reading anything at the moment I drop off.

    Slab – In your dreams.

    Ian – Hah!  No.  Haven’t heard from him for a couple of weeks now.  Wonder what he’s at?

  5. “Fly Virgin airlines, the worlds most popular way of travelling to most destinations.”
    Is what I have tattoed on my special piece of anatomy and not, I might add, along the length of it but around the girth.
    Well you fucking started it.

  6. yow grandpa, great message you have there on hackers. I learned that there are many persons that do that for a kick. I could use that kind of way to inform them about what I want. Give them a sense of being proud to be a hacker. And they don’t know that every password in the internet world could be determined by a program. they could even be hacked with out them knowing it. A hacker being hacked(silent and secretly, call it Darth Vader’s Empire Homeland Security). My advice is that do anything you want, it would indirectly add knowledge to technology as a whole. Well If I am them hackers, I would rather learn gathering information through remote viewing. that is a mind gathering information from another mind. A sense of telepathic science. Keep up the good environment grandpa.

  7. Ah! I know what it is. It’s:
    And it’s tattooed on the right side of your face under your beard and Sandy is the only one who can read it.

  8. Herculese – I agree.  I think.  maybe I don’t?

    Kirk M – Damn!  Now I have to change it again and get a new tattoo.

  9. Hi Grandad,
    My first time over here visiting your blog, found you over at Captain Ranty’s place. Just wanted to say that I have been sat reading the various articles for a couple of hours now and I am enjoying the seiousness, humour and all the other stuff too.
    Regarding the hackers, they are complete fuckwits and are constantly port scanning my servers (business servers), trying to find a way in. If I had my way I would cut the balls and tits off of the lot of em. Deffo bookmarked your blog.
    All the best from Jockland,

  10. Welcome Pete!  I wrote a little piece last Wednesday [Squishy pillows] telling spammers not to bother as they’ll only be deleted.  Several of ’em tried to agree with me.  You have to admire them sometimes.  Well, occasionally?  Once or twice?  Fucking never!  They all got reported as spam and then I deleted them.

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