Fifty years on — 20 Comments

  1. in another 50 years they will be saying back in the old days
    you had to watch whatever some knob in RTE decided,
    like Jedward, awful stuff from back in the dark days,
    and the TV’s didn’t even connect to the internet,  

    And you had to use a fecking thing called a remote control
    that always got lost or chewed up by the dog.

    If you wanted to watch TV, you had to go into a room in the house
    with this screen thing stuck in the corner, and you needed a dish stuck
    on the roof 

  2. I’ve taken to watching the wall. Its past written in brush strokes,
    Stains and scratches before me. The indentations in the plaster hidden
    by a multitude coats of paint, a mark where once a paint brush bristle
    was trapped, now freed by an accident of friction. The colours fade along
    each brush stroke, speckled with dust. A faint wine stain, a reminder of a
    Bye-gone party. The slash of a pen, a green crayon swirl, evidence of my youngest
    Artist at work.
    TV is so fucking boring.

  3. we shipped celine deon to the ‘mericans and now we’re stuck with “beiber” still not sure what that is…

  4. At least you Irish and Canucks don’t have to suffer watching “Cunt of the Year” Tim Tebow on the TV. What a fuckin’ asshole.

  5. Is anyone forcing you to watch Jedward or pay for shite cable? I got rid of my TV over a year ago and, apart from enjoying revelling in my own smugness, I have succeeded in reading many, many books that had gathered dust on my bookshelf, cooking elaborate meals and actually getting up off my hole and exercising. If I want to watch TV, I can do so online. And if I want to know what I’m missing on Irish TV, I can tune in to the Headrambles channel. Much more amusing than two gobshites in gold lame 🙂

  6. Sean Eile – You know as well as I do that in fifty years we will have a choice of about five thousand channels with every single one pumping out endless X-Factor or all those other mindless “reality shows”.  Grim.

    TT – You presumably haven’t heard them?  They have possibly the most irritating voices I have ever heard.  There is a sound clip of them in here.  Listen at your own risk.

    Slab – I could live quite happily without it, as I prefer the wireless.  Herself enjoys the News and programmes like that.  It calms her nerves.

    Cat – I know very little about that Bieber thing.  That may be due to my not being a pre-pubescent schoolgirl?

    Expat – Welcome!  The problem with Jedward is that they sneak up on me and suddenly appear in some advertisement.  I usually have the sound muted but one sight of those stupid fucking mullets is enough to raire the old bile level.  The point I was trying to make is that countless billions have been spent on miniturisation, plasma screen technology not to mention all those satellites.  And having achieved what is damn near a miracle of communication all the can think to put on it is Jedward.

  7. Your tribute to 50 yeras of television and no mention of the blonde newscaster with the husky voice?  Hmmmm.

  8. InisEanna – I have downloaded that and will proceed to play it on the television just as Herself is expecting Coronation Street.  Should be interesting?

    Not Green – She asked me not to mention her for some reason.  Who am I to go against her wishes or even question them?

  9. You can’t mention ‘Her on Six-One – yeah, the good lookin’ one, with the black leather job’? Don’t worry mate, we’ll fill in for you.

  10. Have not logged on for a few days so just wanted to wish you a belated, happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year from a grey and miserable Paris.

  11. That pair should have been put down at birth – probably the worst article Ireland ever produced.  I’ve never listened to their drivel, switched channels if they’ve made an appearance etc, etc. CRap

  12. Sorry – InnisEanna’s link wasn’t viewed when I commented – class bit of editing that….

  13. InnisEanna – “we’ll fill in for you” … as the local vernacular has it … you will in your hole.

    Mossy – And many happy returns from a grey wet and very windy Ireland.

    Cardi – You have  been been ploughing a lonely furrow tonight?  Was what Sharon?  If it wasn’t a blond woman wearing black leather and reading the news on television, then the chances are it wasn’t.   And as for that video…. [*cough*] .. I’m shocked!  Such blatant exploitation of a weather map!

  14. Dear Old Man,
    You are so lucky that you’ve lived long enough to experience the glorious Jedward. And yet you can’t appreciate them. I think your brain may have floated away in the ether. Best wishes for your remaining days.

  15. Welcome Katherine!  I am indeed lucky to have lived so long, as the alternative doesn’t sound quite so pleasant.  As for experiencing Jedward – I suppose you would call them an experience all right, in the same way that drilling a hole in your head could be classed as an experience?  You see, my problem is that I lived through the sixties and seventies at a time when pop music was at its best, and where groups or acts survived on their talent and not some gimmick or other.  I notice that a lot of the stuff churned out these days is just a rehash of the old songs.  It’s a pity you missed those days.  The music was great!

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