Like Jedward — 8 Comments

  1. TT – They are just a couple of kids whose heads have been filled with rubbish.  The sad thing is that the reason they are famous [and they don’t realise it] is simply because they are so bad!

  2. Remember that old Kit-Kat advert?
    “You can’t sing, you can’t play and you look awful ../..snap../.. you’ll go a long way.”

  3. Bucko – Heh!  I have quoted that a few times about Jedward.  Welcome, by the way and thanks for the link!  Reciprocated.  😉

  4. Just catching up on the weeks Liveline….fuckin hell, I listen to liveline to know what the latest rants from Ireland’s aul’wans and aul’lads are but fuckin Jedward. Nothing but verbal diarrhoea going on there.

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