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  1. Can’t comment on the present bus services Grandad but the last time I was in your beautiful country (1956) I travelled by an extremely ancient train between Dublin & Bray. As I was quite youngish my farther parked me outside a bar with a glass of lemonade while he enjoyed a pint of the good stuff. The barman/landlord took exception to my exclusion and threatened to throw my dad out unless he brought me into the bar as well. I remember the conversation seemed to flow around two gentlemen who were assuaging their considerable thirst before driving the next train down to Wicklow. What a wonderful country when nobody seemed to worry about things like financial crisis’s and the Nazi European Union..
    Happy new year to you all. 

  2. CIE are rob-ery, do dah, do dah, as the song went. We have propped up this Semi State Body for years with our taxes at a high cost, while they provided a shite service especially on rail. All the while they keep raising the fares as the service remains useless. Try to get a train to Drogheda during the day, at a time on their timetable.
    The Private Sector could give a better service if this Monopoly was broken up.

  3. Toper – The old place has changed a bit since.  Your pub has probably folded since the smoking ban cane in and anyway would have turfed your father out for bringing a kid near the place.  Mind you, you’d probably find the same trains running? [And I mean – the same trains].

    Slab – I noticed all right that their excuse for raising the fares is that there are fewer passengers.  Have these fuckwits not copped onto the idea that they might make more money by lowering prices and therefore increasing passenger numbers?

  4. A friend of mine suggested on Monday that we take the Metro (in Paris) to somewhere on Monday evening.
    Silly boy.
    It’s PUBLIC transport – I think.

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