A unique day — 11 Comments

  1. I knew you were an old fellow, but I would have guess you were born not earlier then the middle ages. I would have never guessed you date back to the bronze age.
    Maybe all the smoke has caused an error in the carbon dating.

  2. pfft decorating is over rated, best way to enjoy the holidays that i’ve found is to get lit myself =)

  3. I see what you say but for myself, not until Xmas and New Year’s is over and specifically the day the clocks go forward.

  4. Jim C – Jayzus but I never said I was that old!  It’s the bottles I’m talking about…

    Cat – You’re right!  I was only going to do it for the Grandchilder, but feckit they can do the decorating themselves.  It’ll give them something to do on Christmas Day.

    TT – Likewise I’m a lot happier when the days are getting warmer, but the Solstice is at least a turning point?

  5. Same here GD, my personal favourite day this time of the year. Makes every other one coming after it somehow better.

  6. Ian – I don’t know what you did to poor Jethro but the video doesn’t appear on my screen, yet if I click on the blank space I get to see it?  Good old Jethro Tull!  Damn, but you have me Living in the Past again…….

    JOS – You have a regular bin collection then?

    Cardi – I think my pile predates Newgrange.  Some archaeologists actually think my bottles provided the original inspiration for Newgrange.  We will never know.

    Jedrzej – I am surprised just haw many people I know claim the Winter Solstice as their favourite day.  Maybe we are all Druids at heart?

  7. Don’t forget we have only just had the FIRST day of winter. January is the most depressing month of the year. The most suicides. So feck off with your Solstice there’s a long ways to go yet till Walpurgis sp? Nacht.

  8. TT – I don’t hold with all this malarkey about seasons starting and ending on certain days. No season ever starts; it just blends in with the previous one. For me, I acknowledge winter by wearing a sweater. I know there is probably a lot of shite weather to come yet, but the days lengthening is solid proof that Walpurgisnacht and all the rest are on their way.

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