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  1. It’s no joke, the ESM is coming to a former sovereign country near you & soon.

    They can sue but can’t be sued, they can legislate but can’t be legislated, they are immune from all forms of investigation & prosecution & can demand money with 7 days notice with no accountability whatsoever.

    “VOTE YES to LISBON for jobs” my hole, this is what those who voted yes voted for & there is more to come, a new referendum may be required but you can bet our Government of puppets will do all they can to avoid one.

  2. Bloody hell!  Without fear of exaggeration I think that is the most frightening thing I have ever seen.  The worst bit is the lack of accountability.  They can sue anyone but they are literally beyond the law.  They are the new untouchables.

    I hope all those idiots who voted for Lisbon are happy now?

  3. So is this something you get to vote for or is it something that is going to be instituted no matter what the people think of it?  Then again you did vote against the Lisbon treaty once.

  4. They are going frantic over in Brussels trying to find a way of doing it without putting it to a vote [a very democratic bunch of fuckers?].  If they can’t wangle a way out of a vote then as far as I know they would do it on a “majority” basis.  In other words if more than half the countries accept it, then it’s in.  I suppose failing that there will just be a massive string of lies to the electorate to get the sheeple to vote.  If that fails, I can see endless reruns of elections until we all get it right.

    TT – No idea.  But I don’t think it was anyone in Brussels?

  5. It isn’t as bad as it reads as it only mentions that they are immune from any process of law . There is no mention of immunity from being shot, blown up, bayonetted, hanged from street lamps or being boiled in oil. ( low fat to prolong the pain)

  6. ESM=La Maison Rouge=The 4th Reich. I’ve said it so many times before.

    Time for a Revolution. Maybe May 2016, GPO.

  7. Peacock – I have a good mind to bar you for putting up that image of the little sniveling cunt.  He should be second in line come the revolution.  Ahern gets my vote for number one though.

  8. That video was put up on a thread on Groandad and it was noticeable that out of the first 30 or so responses a handful of posters tried to get a debate going about the voice of the narrator and only one person asked whether the interpretation of the ESM Treaty was correct. It looked like a blatant piece of immediate diversion by the Eurotrons. Any Irish politician who suggests that that document be signed is a traitor and should be shot. The fucking Germans are at it again along with the Vichy French government.

  9. “The most frightening thing I have ever seen”???  You must have led a very sheltered existence Grandad.  A load of nonsense put together by a group in Germany that are so far left thay begger any credulity and you all freak out.  Incidently, I assume you have the grand solution if the euro collapses? If so I would be delighted to hear it.

  10. Sirvivor – The concept of an unelected group forming an organisation that can effectively bankrupt any European country on a whim, without any recourse is hardly something to be complacent about?  As for the Euro collapsing – what’s wrong with reverting to the Punt?

  11. I agree with you there, GD. In terms of the Euro collapse, it’s not a case of ‘if’, but ‘when’. The average dog on the street can see that. the longer that Ireland and the other sixteen nations keep propping up that Eurocrat’s wet dream that is the Euro, the worse it’ll be when the house of cards eventually topples down.
    Sure; things are more than fairly rough for a lot of us at the moment, but can you honestly say that things would be any more/less rough if we reverted to the Punt? That’s where the problem lies in our case at least. We have a Government who more than likely think the same, but are too shitless to say anything to Berl…. sorry, the EU Politburo.
    In fact, our problem isn’t just our Government, but our political system as a whole. At the end of the day 99% of all TDs all have the same ideals and morals. The whole system is outdated and needs to be turned on its head. The FF, FG, Labour and other long standing parties are like a badly scratched vinyl record at this stage, so much so that I rarely bother my hole listening to them.
    Back to the story at hand though, I’ve had a very very uneasy feeling about the whole EU setup for a long time now. What’s been going on for the past couple years in particular has more or less confirmed my fears. I don’t personally consider myself a Republican, but when you see your sovereignty and personal liberties being gradually eroded it makes me wonder how long it’ll be until there are bombings and assassinations in the name of Irish freedom.

  12. Why would the EU and ECB who are owed considerable billions by Ireland set out to “Bankrupt any country on a whim?”  I assume you include Ireland in their list. 
    This glib notion that we revert to the Punt and get out of Europe showes little grasp of reality or commerce.  So no problem, we crank up the presses and churn out our Punts. A few questions that need to be answered..
    What value do we put the Punt against other currencies, or more importantly what value to they put on the Punt?  Bear in mind we are bankrupt and have proved in the past that we cheerfully borrow from these countries with no ability to pay back our debts.  Are they likely to even want to do business with us?  If they do, it will be at a savage discount.
    When the banks cannot borrow on the open market they cease to funtion.  What then?
    Savings in Euro are now virtually worthless.  These include your pension fund. 
    How do we pay for the imports we need to survive.
    Simple questions, but important.  And there are a lot more that I havent even gone near – none of them good.  So what is the alternative to this doomsday scenario, that would leave Ireland in a state of economic collapse that makes our current situation look like fun time?  We get bailed out and we repay our debts over time.  
    Unless you have a realistic better idea?

  13. I was dubios about the euro from the start.  I am not an economist , but it seems obvious that if you give up fiscal control of your economy you give up your indpendence.  

  14. I am not an economist and don’t pretend to be one but do have some thoughts on the Euro.

    First and foremost the whole concept of a single currency for a group of separate economies is destined to failure.  Our economy is completely different to that of say Germany or France.  To try to apply a single rule to all states cannot work, and it is that simple fact that caused our downfall.  The bubble was caused by dirt cheap interest rates that allowed us to grossly over-borrow.  The interest rates had been set by Europe to suit the larger economies and had to apply to us even though they were not appropriate.  Had we had our own currency, we would have set a rate of exchange to suit our unique circumstances.  

    With regard to that old chestnut about “nobody wanting to lend to us”, I have a couple of points to make.  Firstly, are they willing to lend to us now?  No fucking way!  The bond-market knows how unstable the Euro is so anyone under the Euro umbrella is a massive risk.  Why else would the ECB have to step in otherwise?    The Bond market is pragmatic.  I would imagine it would be only too happy to allow us back in under the Punt.  We have a reasonable economy and taking steps to stabalise our currency can only be a good thing?

  15. The number of times I read statements beginning “I am not an economist, but…”.  
    You agree we over borrowed, but you blame the lender?  Did we have no responsibility for our own actions.  This “blame the lender” excuse is totally lame.  Try it on your bank or credit card company sometime if you have an overdraft and dont fancy paying your debt.
    You agree the markets will not lend to us but somehow believe they will if we change our currency?  Possibly true if we devalue by something over 60%,  Fancy having your pension devalued by 60%? Fancy living in a country where imports such as fuel rise by over 60%?
    You say we have a reasonable economy.  We have an economy that is totally export led, run by multinationals.  You think they or their staff would want to hang around in a country where we have no banking system as such and have a crippled local economy?
    If the ECB get their act together and if the EU countries get their economies sorted, and in the meantime if we continue to get funded, then we have a future.  If not we are back to the 40’s.  And if you want someone to blame, look at Haughey, Aherne, Cowen etc who promoted this greed culture and the hugh numbers who bought in to it.  Ireland has had its party, now its hangover time. 

  16. To a large extent I do blame the lender.  The banks were getting cheap money and were very eager to lend it out.  I don’t know how many offers of loans, new credit cards and the like I received during the boom years but there were a lot.  As a simple example, my credit card limit rose during to boom years and finally stood at €3,000.  I rarely use my card and always pay it off in full.  A few weeks ago they wrote to me and told me my limit is now €300.  The latter is a realistic figure where the former is just an enticement to run up a debt.

    Reviving the Punt would indeed lead to exchange rates and the equivalent of a devaluation, but that wouldn’t affect my pension.  After all, devaluation affects income and expenditure equally, and all boats would rise or fall with the tide.  The only thing that devaluation affects is imports and exports, so granted prices would rise due to fuel costs and the like but it would be anything like a 60% hike.

    The only way the Euro can possibly survive is for Brussels to have total control over each country’s finances, and as I said before, he who holds the cheque book rules the roost.  Are you really happy at the prospect of handing control of our country to a load of unelected idiots in Brussels?

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