Willying my computer — 13 Comments

  1. Well I’m sure my laptop is a woman – it has to be. It’s so fucking unpredictable and moody !!

  2. That’s the reason we womenfolk love our pu’tters…  Granny has been know to turn her’s on…aaah…never mind…

  3. pfft…every windows update has me “re-willying” my computer….i cetianly seem to curse fuck fuck fuck at it alot

  4. Ah yes. We used to have great fun messing up peoples Windows accounts back in the day. All you had to do was create two shortcuts and point each one at the other. It created all kinds of fun for the unsuspecting user. Microsoft eventually patched it 🙂

  5. Hmm.  Had a long day away from the puter, but I see you have all been amusing yourselves?

    One of these days I must try and recall all the favourite tricks with old computers to really fuck with peoples minds.  I have heard [and tried] quite a few. 

  6. My computer went down on me last night. Ended up having to flash it with my dongle.
    All’s well now…

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