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  1. “We have reached the point that Global Warming has to exist.
    Even though it doesn’t.”


  2. I couldn’t agree with you more than I do already.  Your premise is dead on because of wankers like tt who refuse to look at the science and believe only the politics of the questions.  I personally believe that if and when the truth is acknowledged by those in power the taxes and business of global warming/cooling/change will just simply continue.  Nobody will say anything and the taxes will continue to be collected simply because it’s a revenue stream that the powers to be are use to and expect to always be there.  

  3. Brianf – Hold on there…  You may not agree with TT, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a wanker.  I disagree with quite a lot of your beliefs and politics too, but I ain’t called you anything.  Yet!

  4. Grandad, In my opinion those who disbelieve the truth of global warming/cooling/change do fall into the area of wankerdom-ness.  Thus until I hear differently I believe tt falls into those that disbelieve the scientific truth.

  5. Brianf – I don’t believe the “scientific” truth, because the proof that has been provided so far hasn’t been very scientific.  I presume then that I am a wanker in your book?  Along with a very sizable chunk of the world’s population?

  6. This is the only blog where warble gloaming can turn into a discussion about wankers in such a short space of time.

  7. Bill – We like to be versatile here at HR.  We also enjoy the surprise element.  Tomorrow, I may write a post about Wankers, and doubtless the comments will all be about climate?

    Slab – For fuck’s sake!  According to the Interweb we have been hit by countless asteroids in the last few months.  Also the world has ended a few times.  One of these millennia, they’ll get it right. 

  8. Grandad, You have many times written on the scientific data that disproves the global warming/cooling/change religion.  The most recent being back this past summer when NASA released findings proving that the warming/cooling/change advocates were wrong, emphasis on the word wrong, as you have advocated in the past.
    So are you now all of a sudden telling me that you don’t believe what you write?  I don’t believe it. 
    “What’s worse is that this new evidence is based on accurate measurements and not just a hypothetical model or one of Al Gore’s wet dreams.”
    I purposely used the word wanker to elicit a response but I expected that response from tt.
    And yes, I throw a sizable chunk of the worlds population into the breach because they do, in fact, believe in the global warming/cooling/change religion
    I’m not here to argue with you but please don’t tell me you don’t believe the scientific truth because it isn’t very scientific.

  9. There are reasons to be concerned about our environment. There is no controversy that there are more oil spills than there used to be. There is no controversy that the global population is larger than it used to be.

    Our planet needs a good old-fashioned plague.

  10. You are absolutely right; they (whoever they are) have reached the point that Global Warming has to exist to justify the money being spent on the various aspects surrounding it. They will blow hot or cold, depending on which way the climate looks best for them (pun intended) whoever they are! 

  11. Brianf – Ah!  I misinterpreted your last comment.  I thought “those who disbelieve the truth of global warming/cooling/change” meant those who disbelieve in AGW.  My stance hasn’t changed one iota.  I still believe that there are massive questions to be answered and I also believe that the Solar effect is behind the whole business.  I also believe that AGW is still the wet dream of that fuckwit Gore.  Glad we cleared that up!  And I don’t think you need to insult TT to get him wound up………..

    Ramrod – Or a good old fashioned global war?  We haven’t had one in ages!

  12. Bernard:

    “They” are a lawful fabrication called corporations. Corporations are a lawful strategy to loot the world.

  13. Over on WUWT there is quite a detailed analysis going on about the contents of ClimateGate2, with one comment that who ever is releasing the e-mails is taking a deliberately timed stance; I quite agree that the powers that be will do all in their power to make the scam continue, however with the ever faster accelerating approaching collapse of the EU and quite possibly the banking system as we know it, the powers to be may find themselves overwhelmed by other events which will bury the great lie of CAGW more comprehensively that any e-mails can reveal.

  14. Just a quick note. Regardless of the stance on climate change you take, unless you believe that fossil fuels will never run out we still need to invest in alternate sources of energy. 

    Get rid of windfarms regardless as they’re ugly and useless, but the world will still need affordable sources of energy once the coal runs out.

  15. Johnnyrvf – I take it you mean the password protected mails?  Certainly te timing is very strategic but I still maintain that the whole joke has gone too far now, and they will never be able to step back.  As you say though, other events may overtake matters.

    Ben – Welcome!  I completely agree that fossil fuels will eventually run out.  However I believe that is some time off yet, with the discovery for example of shale gas.  There are plenty reserves yet which gives ample time to develop alternative sources.  The whole concept of windfarms is not only flawed but is extremely expensive – a price we are already paying heavily for in our fuel bills. 

  16. Ben, over where you (we) are you can hide a million wind turbines out back. Matter a damn if you don’t like the look of them. (Won’t someone please think of the birds…)
    Latest style has them mounted horizontally on top of buildings – they look real … cool ! Imagine one on top of every building in the city centre.

    Grandad, shale gas? Surely not an option – looking at the bundle of chemicals they pump into the ground it’s just another way to fuck the locality for a dollar.

  17. Talking of wankers:
     If sex with 3 people is called a threesome
    sex with 2 people is a twosome,
    I understand why they call you handsome

  18. I know all this GD. There are still billions of Asteroids out there, some with our name on. Apart from all of the terrestrial natural disasters that may befall us, I am starting up the build on my space ship again. I’ve scoured the interweb and e-bay, but can’t get any Dilithium Crystals. I have tried petrol, diesel, coal, no use. Then I burnt the bollox off myself, being green using electricity, when the power line from the big red button to the starter shorted out.
    Anyone out there know where to get Dilithium Crystals?

  19. Snookertony – I just mentioned shale gas as an option.  I’m sure there a load of misrepresented facts about that business too.  Some say it destroys and area while others say it is not even noticeable.  Leastwise we would have time enough to work out the cleanest way to extract it.

    Mossy – Surely sex with one person would then be a onesome?

    Slab – Have you tried eBay?

  20. An array of football field size mirrors floating in space focusing the suns rays on to an enclosed vacuum packaged dilithium crystal receiver, located in a deserted place, let’s say Longford, which when connected to an alternative inverter running through a triple co-fluxed receiver would generate enough power to get the main coils humming. Now that’s the way to go,  Slab. If we could find the Dilithium crystals.
    Just thought I’d mention it as an option, too, GD…

  21. Snookertony – Not a bad idea at all at all.  And the best thing is that if the mirrors go out of alignment, only Longford will get par-boiled.  I like it.

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