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  1. The whole thing is a conspiracy of fear by the Worlds Industrialists and their funded Governments, so they can make Trillions more out of us poor gobshites who’ll believe their spin when told by scientists, of world renown, in their pay.
    How can carbon (CO2) emissions be accurately calculated when you consider what we produce plus all of natures efforts.
    We have only accurate records of climatic conditions for the last 150 or so years. Scientists looking at the records kept by nature, ie Ice cores and Dendrochronology, can guestimate global climatic conditions for the past. They arguably conclude that we are going through a cycle of global climatic change.
    What we burn in Ireland does’nt amount to anything when you see what The Merkins and Chinese are pumping out…..So keep the home fires burning, ‘cos oil and gas are gonna cost you a fortune.

  2. They could have us believe in UFO’s and Aliens from Mars if the employed the same efforts to convince us of green house gas global warming.

  3. Climate control – the answer.
    If it get’s hot take some (all) clothes off, if it get’s cold put more (all) clothes on.
    Food shortage tip – stop paying farmers NOT to grow crops and NOT to grow aminals. Crops and aminals is tasty.
    Water shortage – solution, drink beer.
    all solved, now I need my afternoon nap.
    Wake me if any other (urgent) problem needs solving.

  4. Always been wondering – what are they (supposed to be) using the carbon tax for? Does it go towards freezing adequate amounts of fresh water and its transportation to the old pole caps, no?

  5. Slab – One aspect we never hear of is that CO2 is essential for vegetation.  Increasing CO2 levels can only be good for plants, so it should be encouraged!!

    Patrick – Very true.  Especially the Water Shortage bit.

    Cat – I’m tired of it too, and as soon as they stop banging on about it, I’ll stop too.  Promise!

    Stas – Straight into the gubmint’s coffers.  Their excuse is that it is a “deterrent” rather  than a money making racket.  Hah!

  6. A Grandad – Nice one!  Quite a bit there to memorise, but it shall be done.  😉

  7. I used to drive tankers delivering bulk liquid CO2, mainly for the food industry, especially nurseries who cultivated Tomatos, Cucumbers, Lettuce and the like and had to often enter the greenhouses to fill the C02 storage tanks, so I had direct experience of a high volume CO2 atmosphere, which at those levels makes absolutely no difference to breathing ability to the norm outside. The average ppm of CO2 as it has been recently measured in the atmosphere is 380 ppm (or there abouts), in the green houses it is at an average of 1400 ppm with an average temperature of 32 degrees celcius, you would not believe the rates at which the plants grow, or the amount they produce, the only thing they lack is the mineral content because of the rapid growth, the high CO2 levels also have the side effect that the plants do not need as much water as in the natural atmosphere. The propagander against CO2 is complete bollocks as it is NOT a pollutant but an absolute neccessity toall life and more CO2 means trebles all round as far as plants are concerned.

  8. The article is by James M.Taylor, The Heartland Institute. funded by Mobil-Exxon. When are you folks gonna wise up to these professional bought and paid for skeptics? Probably never, eh?

  9. TT – I’m surprised at ypu resorting to that tactic.  It’s like the anti smokers claiming that every single argument against them is funded by Evil Big Tobacco.  What the hell difference does it make?  If you don’t like Taylor’s writing then go to the original document.  The link is on his piece.  Or are NASA funded by Evil Big Oil too?

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