Trapped — 7 Comments

  1. Must be about the future child of Kim Kardashian.  Revolutionary new programme, starring the celebrity fetus.  🙂

  2. Those two Newcastle pricks – Ant & Dec. They’re like shit on a stick everywhere on TV. 🙁
    One of them with his telescopic forehead and the other with a Holy Communion grin surgically placed on his thick puss.
    As for the show itself; They’re Celebrities – They Can Fucking Stay There!! Another example of po-faced no-brainer TV for the sheeple. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if ‘reality TV’ was all a Government sponsored campaign to dumb us all down. If so, they’re doing a bloody good job at it.

  3. Hmm.

    If the show were about Kim Kardashian, one wouldn’t need much help; just have a friend toss in a ladder and you could climb out.


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