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  1. Have you any moans about The Italian Situation GD? They, as we all know, don’t have a Democratic Government anymore. Its all been given to The Bankers and Businessmen. Fukkin amazing as these were the types who fucked it up initally. I wonder when Super Mario will declare himself ‘Il Duce’.

  2. JD – The “certain quarters” crack was very tongue in cheek.  Sure if George W couldn’t muzzle me………..

    Slab – I’m not sure if I heard this right – did Super Mario say he was only appointing a couple of elected members to the cabinet?  He implied that they were irrelevant to the process or something.  Haven’t been watching the news lately.  Have to watch the blood pressure.

  3. It’s worth hanging in there for some prize statements such as “It’s pissing down like incontinent elephants …” Now that has to be a classic – had me creased. Do you have a copyright on that one?

  4. Cardi – I suppose I could claim intellectual copyright but that’s not my style.  Feel free to use it.  It’s original as far as I know?

  5. I see in the news Kenny has been to Germany to get the Führer’s permission burden the Irish EU slaves with more taxes.
    Why dont they do like in WW2 and just bring in slave labour.
    Irish Times : Proposals on a 2 percentage point VAT rise and a flat rate €100 household levy were inspected by a German parliamentary committee this week as Taoiseach Enda Kenny held talks with German chancellor Angela Merkel.

  6. Captain Peacock:

    You have a legitimate complaint about the Irish being subservient to foreigners. They are second-class citizens in their own country.

  7. Peacock – Last night the gubmint claimed the whole thing was a rumour.  They then backtracked and said papers had been sent “in error”.  My fucking arse!  The EU has to examine all the budgetary details and pass them before even our own parliament sees the proposals.  And people wonder why I rail against the EU?

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