Grey days — 12 Comments

  1. Ah GD – I know the feeling only too well.

    It’s surprisingly grey and shitty here in Tunis today as well – perhaps the Irish weather is emigrating south.

    Think I”ll crack me own bottle of vino colapso this evening just to keep you company – cheers!

  2. Has anyone except RAMROD noticed somethings wrong with the Penn State scandal? The alleged pediphile coach has already been convicted. The witness has told different stories. The police were involved; but, Paterno was fired for not doing enough about a rumor.

    BBC covers this news.

  3. Oh bloody hell; god damned Word spell-check any way!

    They say Jobs had a huge impact on the world but it will be bloody minded Gates and his electronic progeny that will be shoving it up our asses decades after his death.

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