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  1. If Italy crumbles, there’s a good chance France will surrender…again.

    Which might just be the death knell of your “beloved” EU.

  2. Yes, Hitler & Napoleon must be rolling around in their graves looking at what has been achieved by their countries leaders without even firing a shot.

    We now have 3 countries totally under the control of the EU, Belgium, Italy & Greece.

    Merkel & Sarkozy now decide the futures of all European leaders, if they speak out against them, the markets react & the leaders must go. We have unelected technocrats running two countries Greece & Italy, one was a former EU commissioner & the other was a former banker with the ECB.

    A very frightening scenario is unfolding, especially when you have people here & throughout Europe calling for more integration & centralised control.

    It would nearly drive you to drink, but of course under the new laws you couldn’t drive home again even after 1.

  3. Nothing new. In the USA we fought a cold war against Communism for decades spending billions on defense and the lives of thousands of our military. Then in 2008 we elected one.

  4. Shit your post started well. Great I said to myself. Interesting stuff this. History. And then…..the fucking EU and smoking again. Oh well.
    Anyways post German occupied WW2 Europe, not including Eire which remained neutral apart from Devalera allowing Germany’s U Boats to use its waters and sink many, many Allied ships with the loss of thousands of seamens lives, would have been just the same as Russian occupied WW2 Europe. So we don’t have to wonder.

    As for Obama being a communist. Idiotic. Give me a fucking break.

  5. TT – Ne’er a mention of the EU, and a passing reference to smoking?  I think you may be imagining things?

  6. lafsword is spot on the next step will be to make sure peoples votes wont change anything, that’s also taken care of when everything will be run by EU appointed heads of Regional areas. They cannot be voted out of office vote for the local politician will be a waste of time…bit like now. Future generations will find it hard to believe we let this happen. I was shocked a few weeks ago when I spoke to a relative in Ireland and when I asked about what was going on the reply was..” I dont listed there’s nothing we can do” I knew then I was talking to a slave a least get angry.

  7. OK.  I tried that.  I went to the window and shouted “I’m mad as hell!”.

    Two voices yelled back to shut the fuck up, and two more said they always suspected as much.

    I’m afraid the Irish are a beaten race.

  8. ‘If Hitler Won The War’…..sorry to say, but total crap GD.
    If the mad fucker had his way, in Ireland, he would have rounded up all Irish and gassed us in concentration camps in The Curragh. Germany, in the 30’s and 40’s did’nt understand us. We we backward and unsophisticated. We would have been considered ‘Untermenchen’, sub human and only fit for eradication. Bear in mind, the Brits thought the same of us for just under 800 years. The Germans would’nt have had the patience, they would have just wiped us out.

    They had a plan, Operation Green, which was for the invasion of Ireland, whereapon our land would have been used as a western base to destroy Britain. It never got off the drawing board because Ireland was too backward for them to plan the attack. Road Infrastructure was non existant, there were virtually no road signs, they could not understand the Irish speaking English.

    The Inhabitants of Ireland in the 21st Century would speak German and love all the shite that eminates from Germany. Daniel O’Connell’s Monument would be replaced with Adolf.
    None of them would be Irish.

  9. Slab – Nah!  They would have kept us on as lovable pets.  Anyway, someone has to herd their sheep for them?  Just as now we will be allowed grow lots of food for Germany, and a [very] few of us will be let earn enough to buy a Merc or a BMW or two.

  10. This post is inappropriate on so many different levels that I wouldn’t even know where to start. I know that it’s just a blog entry and I shouldn’t take it seriously but I’m Polish as you know, I know a bit too much about what was happening to let myself be detached – I would delete this post if I were you.

  11. Jedrzej – I am genuinely sorry if you were offended.  Of course that wasn’t my intent.  However I find the current political situation extremely offensive and I am by no means the first to draw such parallels.

  12. GD, its not that I am offended – just as I said, I find this parallel so out of space and so simply inappropriate that I don’t think it could be justified by the fact that others draw it as well. I respect your opinion on the whole EU thing even if we disagree entirely, I just think that was very cheep and you can write much better than that.

  13. Jedrzej:

    The reason that Hitler is used in so many comparisons is because Hitler is the benchmark of evil.

  14. I believe yer man, Kenny, was in the news today for standing up to Merkel?
    @Jedrzej  Ramrod is correct.  Hitler is used so often as a parallel, because he is the mark of evil.  In the states, Obama and Bush have both been called Hitler.  Obama because of his desire to control every aspect of every Americans life.  And, Bush because of the wars he started.  I am sorry for what you or your family had to endure during Hitlers reign, but we are beyond those days, thankfully.  We just have to keep a constant eye on our respective governments to make sure that those with the powers that be don’t use them for insidious purposes.  All of that being said, I’ll fight to the death to make sure that everyone has the right to say whatever it is they want to say.  I certainly don’t agree with everyone, but I’ll fight for their right to say what is on their mind.

  15. Jedrzej … When you become one of the professionally-offended, you lose all credibility. Instead of whinging about what happened to your nation 70 years ago, stand up like a man and fight back.

  16. If Hitler had won the war, India would have got its freedom from Britain straight away instead of 2 years later. There would have been no Pakistan because Hitler was supporting Indian independence by supporting Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who was dead against division of the country. No Pakistan would have meant no Taliban or Al Qaeda as India would have never allowed Terrorists to openly operate like they do in Today’s Pakistan. It would have meant no 9/11 either. Certainly some good things would have come out of it but then its quite possible he would have killed more Jews and Blacks, taken away people’s freedom and run the world like the way Kim runs North Korea!

  17. Mark – Welcome!  Of course there are infinite permutations and combinations and the world would have been completely different now, or maybe not?  We’ll never know [probably just as well].  The Butterfly Effect is a wondrous thing!

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