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  1. At least in England they got a health service and free education out of World War II – the Irishmen who fought in the Allied armies got nothing out of it.

  2. it pissed down rain, i went and placed my wreath and remembered, my father, uncles, aunt, grandfather and greatgrand father.

    lest we forget 

  3. Ian – Worse than that – their existence was virtually denied up ’til recent times.

    Cat – It pissed rain here too.  It must be something in the weather?

    Not green – Thanks!

    Slab – Very very true.  It baffles me how we/they managed to fuck up the entire system in such a short time.

    Ramrod – The great thing about those louts is that they always fall foul of their own vanity.  Sticking a video on YouTube shows just how dim is the bulb in their attic.


  4. What wars are you talking about?
    WWI, perhaps? A war between empires, using human fodder to further the aims of capital? 

    And what does is have to do with Ireland? 
    Didn’t realize that you were an imperialist fanboy Rambles. But now we know. Adieu.

  5. Humanist – Those Irish who died in the two world wars.  Does the fact that you disagree with the motive lessen the fact that they died for what they believed in?  And it’s Mister Rambles to you, sir.

  6. Humanist:

    If you don’t like your country’s war, you can fight in the resistance. For most people, being against the war is their tactic for being a coward.

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