Pornographic videos — 24 Comments

  1. Nah, you came to the right place GD, there’s bound to be a dog licking expert along any minute now!

  2. Not Green – I dunno.  I’m still not quite over the shock.  Maybe after a couple of stiff whiskeys?

    TT – Everyone is away frantically Googling “dog licking fanny”.

  3. Slab – I wouldn’t know anything about that.

    Doc – You mean you did the search?  Dirty old git!

  4. Doc – You dirty seasoned git. 

    Haddock – What the hell is it with Brazil?  Do they have no women over there?  Or are the women so fucking ugly?

  5.  “What the hell is it with Brazil” ? 

    Dunno .. but I’ll never look at a Brazil Nut in quite the same way, ever again .. 🙂

  6. Cat – What difference would that make?  I’d still have to live with all that sloshing, slurping and gulping.

    Haddock – Or a Brazilian?

  7. “Haddock – Or a Brazilian” ?

    I once met a Brazilian woman, at a party .. She was the wife of a friend of the host ..

    I have to say she was a “pig in knickers” .. and I certainly wouldn’t have tolerated the way in which she treated her hubby ..

  8. I can only assume you guys have never been to Rio. The most beautiful girls in the world. Hands up all you zoophiliacs.

  9. I say, I say. I went into my local last night and there was the owners dog, head between its legs, giving itself a good lick.
    God, say I, I’d love to be able to do that…
    Buy it some crisps, says the owner, and maybe it’ll let you…
    Boom, Tish.
    How do you stop a dog humping your leg?
    Give it a blow job first.
    Thank you. Thank you. I’m here every Friday…

  10. snookertony:
    Watch the video. Please, don’t blame the dog

  11. Ramrod – Don’t go blaming my site if you leave out part of the address!!

    Doc – I would bring her down to Doc in the village, but he wants to forget that he trained as a vet, and will only treat people now.  I’ll have to bring her further afield and God knows who I’ll get to see.

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