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  1. same sort of thing happening here. a kid first year uni frat party drank himself to death, probably first time drinking out from mum n dads. so now, no more happy hour, beer prices going up. i didn’t force the booze in him why is my drinkies costing me more? i don’t agree no, i don’t like it at all 

  2. Its time to blow the dust off the home brew kit. My favourite was a larger I called ‘Farp’. It had obvious effects, but it was bloody strong. There’ll be no carbon taxes either. Then there’s the wine. A multitude of free fruit from Mother Nature. All you need is the time and Noonan ain’t getting tax here too.

  3. There are three types of crimes:
    1.against persons
    2.against people’s property
    3.against the ruling class- this is called public order in the U.S.A.

    When the ruling class does not like a caste of people or a behavior, they pass a type-3 law.

    Alcohol taxes and tavern closing hours are back-door-prohibition laws.

  4. why is it always 1 in 4 ? its bizarre nearly every single thing they want changed or banned or taxed is “1 in 4” of such and such 

  5. Just seen on tv 1 in 4 9 year olds are over weight its almost like the 7% bond yeilds thing just a magic number it might be based on speculation but fuck it thats a magic cut off point

  6. I just went to vote yesterday to allow Sunday sales of beer and wine in supermarkets. Fer fux sake it’s 2011 and they are just getting round to this. Tossers.

  7. They forgot the current ‘fashionable’ illness – diabetes. Wait till tomorrow when some not so civil servant reads this blog, then we’ll have “Drinking causes 1 in 4 cases of Diabetes!” 

    I have a very frightening stastistic that is proven true – “100% of all divorces are caused by Marriage!” 🙂

  8. Cat – It’s the same everywhere.  Some kid falls off a bike or gets stuck op a tree and immediately there are calls for new laws. The Nanny State never sleeps.

    Slab – Between growing our own tobacco and brewing our own beer, we’re going to be busy.  Next I have to find out how to grow my own salt, sugar and nice fatty foods.

    Ramrod – As far as I can make out, they won’t be happy until we are all Stepford People – Working hard for the State, never unhealthy, always happy and never complaining.  It sounds like Hell!

    Dark – Thanks for the laugh.  I too watched the news and there it was – one in four is obese!  They really love their fucking numbers and statistics.  Funny how when I am out and about I never seem to see many fat kids?  A few, yes but not one in four.

    TT – Don’t worry.  They’ll all be closing again soon.

  9. Not Green – Diabetes is caused by the pandemic of obesity.  I thought you knew that?  Also may I add – 100% of all births result in death.  [Eventually.]

  10. Blackwatertown,
     The taste of summer sunshine in the dead month. A friend used to, when he was on leave from his ship (nine months on, nine off), ferment his own wine. Five gallons fermenting, five ready to bottle and five to drink at all times. It was real good. Thats all I can remember though.
    He’s dead now….
    Another pal distilled his own poitín. A 200 year old secret family recipe. It went down real smooth and warmed you up with an inner glow. Bloody magic. Straight off the still, warm. Thats all I can remember
    too. He went to Australia, fukkit.

  11. Blackwatertown – I read that piece of Ian’s.  Not a bad output?  More than some French vineyards I would imagine!


  12. You could not make it up nothing done about the thieves who ruined the country but lets stop people having a drink. When I was back in Ireland last August I was shocked at the HIGH price of drink compared to the UK. I hope Sean Fitzpatrick will still be able to afford have a dram out of his million Euro pension.

  13. Boy, they are certainly giving you plenty of fodder for your blog over there lately, aren’t they Grandad? Not that it’s just where you are. Extremism is rampant everywhere. The art of compromise seems to be dead. 

    I like your predictions. I think you’re onto something. The talk of “second hand alcoholism” made me smile, but you know what, I can actually envision someone using that phrase sometime, which is really, really, sad.


  14. Denise Hamlin:

    How about second-hand-homosexuality? There are plenty of soccer-moms and husbitches who spend a lot of time worring about that. 

  15. When all of this was being discussed on the radio the other day, the definition of “hazardous drinking” was 4 pints or more. I’ve see this backed up in the examiner  and I quote them  “Hazardous drinking is defined as drinking four or more pints of beer at a session. ‘Regular’ means at least once a month, according to the EU and WHO”.  Nothing for it then – we all need to be given ration books for beer to stop use drinking too much for our own good.. What a lot of whatsit

  16. Welcome Monty!  It’s no fucking wonder we have a major drinking problem.  If they adjusted their criteria to reasonable figures that would remove that problem in an instant.  They probably define alcoholism as having more than two visits to the pub in a week.

    And that’s all I need – a drunken Slab.  *sigh*

    Denise – While you are waiting for the first mention of second hand alcoholism, you can read this.  😉

  17. A drunk drives more carefully.

    A godd reason for driving drunk is that is the way to get home.

    Drunk driving laws enrich the state and the lawyer class.

    Auto transportation is intrinsically dangerous. Cowards don’t belong on the road.

    Unlike war and occupation deaths, auto deaths are nondiscriminating.

  18. It’s all a ruse to drive the price of booze sold in off licences up so the Publicans can benefit – watch this space, prices will not go up for Pubs but will for Off Licences and supermarkets……..

  19. Dessiegee – Whatever they do, it is going to impact on the vast majority who treat drink with respect.  Once again, the actions of a small minority are causing a panic reaction.  If they applied current legislation [such as age limits] then that would go a very long way to solving the “problem”.

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