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  1. I am truely sorry about Whacko Jackson’s death. He was an entertaining eccentric who was harmless to everone except himself. He paid his doctor $150,000 per month. This payment wasn’t to be around to take his temperature.

    The convicted doctor was not allowed bail before sentencing. The judge stated that he was a “public threat”- more so than Bernie Madoff, Rob Blagojevich, and other convicted fellons who face life-long sentences. I don’t see the “public threat” that a junkie’s doctor presents.

  2. Wait until they do a toxicology test on the motorcyclist.  They’ll find out he had a beer in the past week or so and it will be an “Alcohol Caused Death”!

  3. Ramrod – It’s all part of the “celebrity culture”.  If Whacko had just been an ordinary Joe Soap then there would have been no trial.  His death would have been marked as “natural causes” or “misadventure” or whatever.  There again, if he had been an ordinary Joe Soap I doubt he would have been so fucked up.  In fact the real killer was his fame.

    Brianf – Or if he had passed close to some smokers it would br “smoking related”.

    TT – You’re wrong.  Brianf has been right on at least one other occasion.  Can’t remember when though.  On second thoughts, maybe you’re right…..

  4. Is it not the media that demand forensic analysis is completed for even an ingrown toe nail?  Just to prove its the governments fault?  

    I always thought that “George  Orwell’s 1984” would have been some form of state control and not a media type of control?

  5.  “so the poor doc got hammered just because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

    No, he was getting paid $150,000 a month to keep just one person healthy. He hooked him up with Propofol and fucked off. Didn’t work out too well for M.J.

  6. I agree about Jacko’s doctor I’m convinced he was sold down the river by his defence team. When he was found guilty instead of saying they would appeal and request for bail they remained silent? They did not object to Jacko fans on the jury you could not make this stuff up.

  7. One of your best philosophical pieces GD – why can’t people understand that ‘shit happens’? Who’d be a scapegoat, eh?

  8. Because I simply can’t keep focus…

    So…it’s probably just moments, hours at worse, until Berlusconi steps down, yes? I mean, isn’t it plain Merkozy and Friends will demand his head?

    Where’s Mussolini when Germany wants him?

    Now…back to your regularly scheduled programme.

  9. The reason for there always having to be someone to blame can be laid directly at the door of ambulance-chasing lawyers & the “compensation culture” which they have bred ..

    As they say in their abominable advertising .. “Where there’s blame, there’s a claim” ..

  10. there is a hint of a story going around that if Mick jackson was responsible for his own death, that some insurance policys would not pay out.
    therefore the need to blame someone, but there might be nothing to it. 

  11. Yup.  The theory that it’s down to “legal blame” does hold water.  So there is a chance that the good doc was stiffed just so they could claim insurance?  Sounds plausible.n  The same would presumably apply to the other two examples too.

    Fucking insurance companies.

    Fucking ambulance chasers.

    The world is going to hell in a handcart.


  12. Tablets? What stinking tab…oh. Wait one. Are you talking about the ‘orange barrel’ ones? ’cause I dropped took one right before I tossed out that righteous Mussolini quip…

    Sheesh; it’s not like I caused an accident or killed mj or anything.

  13. tt:

    Dr. Murray is not a criminal. He did not have the “intent” to harm Michael Jackson. This affirmative-action-doctor did the best that he could. 

  14. You guys need to read up on the court case and the evidence presented  before you launch into your inevitable conspiracy theories. You clearly don’t know fuck all about the case. Do any of you even know what he was convicted of? Look it up.

  15. Grandad,

    I hope you are not expecting to get away with publishing such truth and common sense. There’s bound to be a law against because at the very least, you could frighten our “precious children” by telling them that accidents happens.  

  16. Doc – I think you need to be forensically examined.  Can’t take any chances at your age……

    TT  & Ramrod – I’ll leave you two to sort it out.

    John – Accidents don’t just happen.  The are caused by smokers, drinkers and the obese.  We know that.  The science is incontrovertible. 

  17. Yup, I suppose the ‘found’ €3.6bn was an accident and the state of the banks and our Country are an accident. The IMF and ECB more accidents. Fukkit GD, we don’t need scapegoats. We know who the culprits are. Lets have at them.

  18. I grew up in an institution and at the age of 12 my parents took me home. It was an escape. Now, it seems they are turning the whole world into an institution and there is nowhere to escape to. FUCK!

  19. Slab – It’s getting to the stage where piano wire and lampposts are too good for ’em.

    Peter – It has been pretty obvious now that the lunatics really are running the asylum.  Quite honestly, a five year old could do a better job.

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