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  1. “Black Bob” .. that’s a rave from the grave Grandad ..

    I suppose today, he’d be known as “Non-reflective Bob” … 😉

  2. Haddock – I suppose it is going back a bit?  It must be fifty years ago [fuck!!  half a century].  He was one of my favourites in the comic,

    Non-luminescent Bob?

  3. What was the name of that dog in The Dambusters? It was a black retriever called um, you know a dog – one leg in each corner, licks your face just after licking it’s arse, howls and whines a lot (no not tt)
    Ping! got it, nigger.

  4. Brianf – It may sound strange, but I don’t remember ever having seen one of Rin Tin Tin’s films.  Can’t comment so.

    Patrick – Didn’t they remove all mention of him from the original film?  Were they worried that some niggers blacks Afro-Americans might be offended?

    Ramrod – That is one weird fucking site.  Not quite to my taste.

    Sean Eile – Holy God!!  That video is disgusting!!  It should be banned IMMEDIATELY.  It is wrong on so many levels to see a bloke smoking a pipe.

    Roibeárd dubh”?  Heh!  I like it.

    Not Green – Not Washed in Biological Washing Powder Bob?

  5. How about ‘Gothic Bob’? That’d kill two birds with one stone.
    With a name like that the pc brigade could also show that they’re not marginalising those weird Robert Smith fans who crave attention.

  6. worked at environment canada once, got a call about how racially insensitive “black ice” is. 7 months and a full blown ministerial enquiry just to explain  the pavement is black the ice is clear and it hasn’t anything to do with peoples of african heritage. >.< hows your tax dollar spent?

  7. Grandad:

    Give the Irate Irishman a chance. His wisdom will grow on you. Besides, he has the balls not to be “politically correct”. 

  8. GD – Not something I could swear to but I do believe that the “censored” version of The Dam Busters  saw nigger renamed “Blackie”.
    I’ve changed my mind, it is something I could swear to – Fuck ’em.

  9. InisEanna – I thought the Goths had gone out of fashion?  Or are they back in again?  Fashion is so fucking confusing.

    Ramrod – I give everyone a chance [except maybe or politicians[.  There is a world of difference though between having the balls not to be politically correct and being deliberately offensive.  Th e latter is just too easy!

    Patrick – Hah!  Sure Blackie is just as politically incorrect?  It is a really sick society that has to airbrush history.  It’s an unhealthy form of denial.

  10. Grandad: is a hate-website. Even the most domesticated drone can get hateful when a nigger breaks into a home, murders the 14-year-old daughter, and uses the stolen cellphone to boast to the parents about how much he enjoyed carving up their little white bitch daughter.

    My former post gives UK coverage.

  11. Ramrod – There are vicious and horrendous crimes committed every day.  Doubtless I could trawl the papers and come up with a lot worse.  However, is it right to blame an entire ethnic group for the actions of a minority?  Are there no decent blacks over there?

  12. Yes there are. There are also a great many white scumbags, rapists and murderers. Don’t get many black serial killers. Plenty of white ones. My only problem is with The Black Irish.

  13. TT – Did you not know that all Irish are black?  Our greatest trick was convincing the world that we are white.

  14. Grandad:

    Do you ever watch the History Channel? Every ethinic group has built something to be proud of- even if it is only piling-up rocks to see how high they can go. You won’t find any nigger achievements on the History Channel.

    There are some nigger people who have done something worthwhile in a caucasion enviorment. But, whenever niggers live among themselves, they go feral.

    You live in a white enclave. The path for racial understanding is  

  15. Ramrod – I don’t mind a bit of slagging and there is no harm in taking the piss out of political correctness, but I don’t go with blatant racism.  That is just not on.

  16. Do ye remember the Viz ran a series called ” Black Bag” about a black plastic rubbish bag who solved crimes, with his faithful human sidekick, out on the coast at Cornwall, or somewhere like that . I’ll dig it out for you and send a link.
    The drawings were the spit of the original Black Bob comic. Brilliant.
    (Also do any of ye remember the Phantom and his fight for Irish freedom episode..?)

  17. GD, may I be among the first to ask Ramrod to go fuck himself ? I’m sure no one else would, the racist cunt…

  18. Personally, I’m disgusted at this ‘irateirishman’ website. Whoever’s set it up has got to be nothing more than a fucking Neanderthal themselves.
    African immigrants are slowly becoming a part of Irish society. It’s that small minded extreme right-wing minority who refuse to accept this. Since the late nineties I’ve worked in various places with members of this ethnic group and they seem to be an affable enough bunch. Sure; there are some of their society that can be ignorant and unruly, but no more so than any of the rest of us.

    Ramrod: you seem to forget of course that it was only fifty or sixty years ago when the Irish themselves were being treated as a sub species in various UK and US cities – with many establishments having signs saying “no blacks or Irish allowed”. Do you consider us to be a sub-species? Why not round it off by calling us ‘Micks’, ‘Paddys’ or ‘Taigs’

  19. Another thing, Ramrod: If you had a serious accident and were rushed to A&E screaming with pain, would you refuse to be treated by a Black Doctor?
    GD: I forgot to mention in my last message that I wholeheartedly agree with your view on political correctness. The pc brigade have totally gone off the scale in terms of ridiculousness.

  20. Back in the late fifties or early sixties my father brought home a labrador/cocker mix that rejoiced in the name ” Darkie” , ( he was black with a white streak down his chest) and nobody batted an eye. Ignorance or innocence ????

  21. Paulo1 – It was neither ignorance nor innocence.  It was a case of giving a dog a perfectly descriptive name.  I would have no problem with that and I would hope that no one else would either.

  22. SNOOKERTONY: There’s a series in VIZ  Jack Black with his dog ‘Silver’ who always goes to stay with his Aunt Meg in the Cotswolds and solves crimes. I get VIZ delivered from the U.K. I vaguely remember the Black Bag series. As for Rambo, I live in Georgia and  am well used to ignorant rednecks. Patrick lives down the street.

  23. snookertony:

    If you can provide reference to any historical achievement by the Black Race, please do.

    I can tell by your name calling that you disagree with me. What glares out is that you were raised in a family where whoever got the most hysterical and used the most name calling, got the most attention.

  24. tt:

    This is the second time that you have came up with your “Rambo” inuendo. If you have a problem with me killing thousands of communists in Vietnam and being proud of it, be blatant about it. 

  25. Rambo, I personally don’t give a fuck what you did or didn’t do in Vietnam. I know that thousands of black Americans died there fighting for their country. Or some such thing. Freedom? Corporate profits? Health care at the V.A? Not that they had a lot of choice.
    You do realize that you, like the rest of us, are descendants of black Africans, right?

  26. Ho Kay!  I’m showing the yellow card here.  Any more testosterone fueled comments here and I’ll have to start showing red cards.

    [Damn!  First time I have ever used a sporting analogy?  Must be slipping…..]

  27. GD. I apologise for my few words to himself  – it’s your site and I let fly. I’ll (try) not to let it happen again…

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