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  1. If you were an American I would call you a Conservative with Libertarian leanings.  Your idea of small government is exactly what the Tea Party wants.  I also know that the word Conservative has a different meaning in Europe.  With that in mind I would call you a hard core Libertarian.  If you were British you wouldn’t be a Tory but a member of the UKIP instead.  Am I far off?  I don’t think  so.

  2. I have followed the libertarians extensively. They do a great job of providing information about abusive government intrusions into peoples lives. But, what are people supposed to do with that information- except goose-step to the ballot box, hold their nose, and vote for the lesser evil.

    There are no libertarian legal organizations which try to change what they complain about, such as A.C.L.U. or Public Citizen. There are no libertarian protests which threaten the ruling class. Worse yet, libertarians never seem to be mad enough to offend those who bother them the most.

    Libertarians would rather study government oppression than fight against it. Libertarians are cowardly scholars.

  3. “It’s my site and I can do what I fucking like with it”

    Ahhhh.  A Libertarian Dictator then. 
    I reckon we could probably do with one of those over here, couldn’t be worse than what we’ve got. Fancy a job?

  4. Brianf – I can never tell the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats over there.  I presume they are like most other parties – identical in all but name?  You are spot on about UKIP if for no other reason than my admiration of Nigel Farage as a speaker.

    Ramrod – You tell me how I can change the system, and I’ll have a go.  

    Meltimian – I am a Libertarian Benevolent Dictator.  As for a job over there – you have to be joking!  Hah!!

  5. Hmmm…

    I’d have you pegged as a modified Crowlean:

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

  6. Grandad:

    You can’t change the system. You can only change the name of the system. For your own selfish self-esteem and sanity, fight against the system. You will not win; but, you will have an honorable defeat. Jesus Christ had an honorable defeat.

  7. It’s my site and I can do what I fucking like with it”
    Ahhhh.  A Libertarian Dictator then

    No, not a Dictator! Being able to do what one likes with ones own property is exactly what Libertarianism is all about. If Grandad (or anyone else) told you how to run your blog then that would be dictatorship.  See? Simples!

  8. Hi Grandad,

    You say you admire Nigel Farage, but how about your own Declan Ganley, doesn’t he say more or less the same thing, although not such an accomplished speaker? 

  9. That’s me outta here.
    I’ve had a bellyfull of people telling me what I can and cannot do/say.
    Good fun while it lasted, see you in another place tt – even if it is Hell.

  10. @Patrick
    I wouldn’t be too sure that Grandad’s rant was aimed at you (unless @tt has complained offline of course).  I reckon someone has really upset him or I have missed one of your posts that really got his goat.

  11. Doc – Pardon my ignorance, but Crowlean?   Anything to do with Sheryl Crow?

    Ramrod – I fight the system any and every way I can.  Unfortunately, they have things wrapped up pretty neatly.

    Sean – Thanks.  I’m glad you cleared that up.  I feel a lot better now.  Ganley is a bit on an enigma.  I fully supported his Libertas campaign for the Lisbon vote but then he ran out of steam and disbanded Libertas.  There is also something I distrust about him.  I can’t put my finger on it, but let’s just call it a sixth sense.

    Patrick – Don’t go.  TT would be devastated.  And I think everyone knows what prompted me to write this?  If not, you don’t have to go back too many posts.

    Slab – For fuck’s sake, stop it.  You’re only acting the shit stirrer now.


  12. Thanks Dad.  Never heard of him, but have read about him now in Wikiwhat’sit.  An interesting chap.  Not as easy on the eye as Sheryl Crow though…..

  13. Your site is becoming like a good irish pub. All discourse is allowed and no quarter asked for or given. Eventually we all learnt the unwritten rules of the landlord and tempered our conversations accordingly – working our rant, gently, into the conversations and accepting the lambastings we got for crossing the lines.
    Libertarian referee or would be publician. I’m not sure but I’d like to keep having a drop here…

  14. Awwww Patrick’s had his feelings hurt. Awwww Diddums is upset. G’wan and piss off ya soft shite.

  15. Snookertony – Heh!  I never thought of this site as being a pub.  You can buy the next round so…….

  16. No worries, GD, that’s a pint for you, a black bush for me, babycham for Rambo. TT, you still drinking Bud shandys? Call it, lads, it’s nearly time…

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