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  1. ……. and let me be the first to wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Too late.  Someone wished me that last August.  They expect him to make a full recovery.  Eventually.

  3. Tune into Al Jazera – no fucking chrimbo adverts on that channel.
    Nope I don’t know what Al Jazera translates to from arabic so if it’s spelt wrong – I still don’t care.
    The only thing that tt likes about Christmas is the gobbling especially now he’s found a new mate.

  4. I fuckin’ hate Christmas and Christians and Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists and Jews etc etc. Don’t these stupid morons get that it’s just a matter of Geography; where you are born and what family you are born into? Do they really think that the Pope or the Archbishop or whoever know any more than they do? Religion. What a load of old bollocks. Idiots. And as you say we get bombarded with it for two fuckin’ months.

  5. its the toy commercials that really bite my arse, they seem to be played louder each time they come on, ugg, bah humbug indeed only good thing about christmas is the food! (and booze)

  6. Don’t even talk to me about septic tanks. I’m not long back from Shannon’s (snigger!) ‘Town Centre’ doing the weekly shopping with the missus. Not that I like shopping – I fucking HATE it. But if I left her to it she’ll come back with half of Dunne’s stock.
    They’ve already got that jingly jangly shite being piped through their speakers. Only for the fact that the missus works there I’d have roared at the p*ick of a boss she has. She gave him a submissive ‘Hello Mr. Nolan’ while I told him his PA system seems to be broken.

  7. Listen up – it’s a lot fucking worse where I live.
    Tunisians don’t do Christmas it being a Muslim country an all but, I still get all the shite from the UK on Sky.
    Bah humbug BIG TIME.

  8. I heard Johnny Matthis’ ‘When a Child is born’  being played on a radio station in Rwanda on Tuesday 🙁

  9. Patrick – TT has found a new mate?  Who?  Or what?

    TT – I would agree with you if Christmas was a religion thing, but it isn’t any more.  Unless of course you count capitalism and the adoration of profit as a religion.  I suppose it is, really?

    Cat – What I love about the toy commercials is when they show some little blonde blue-eyed brat playing, while a sibling smiles sweetly over their shoulder.  Hah!!!  Has anyone in the real world ever seen this?  Nah!  If one kid has a nice toy the others will fight like cat and dog to get it.  It’s blood and guts time.

    It translates into “Patrick is a cunt.”  That is only fucking charming.

    InnisEanna – I never bring Herself shopping.  She would spend the GDP of a small country in the bat of an eye.  If she wants something, ahe can buy it on line [with my permission, of course].

    Mossy – Life was much simpler before they invented fucking satellites and things.  They’ll be the ruination of us all.

    Ian – That’s what you get for ‘educating’ the natives.  Does ‘bringing civilization to the Dark Continent’ really mean inflicting Johnny Mathis on them?  Poor bastards.

  10. Thankyou tt, I’m always willing to learn from the expert in such matters.
    No, I’m not going to sink to the level of playground banter – turd face.

  11. GD – Have you ever tried saying NO to a Derry woman with a Republican background? To say the least, choosing your words carefully was a lesson I learned very quickly

  12. And cast away my Atheist beliefs? I’m not that fucking mad!!!
    This is what happens when a woman’s been reared on a strict diet of speeches by Grizzly Adams and Marty Mac. Be thankful you don’t have to attend their family dos.

    “C’mon, wee man!!! Sing up!!!

  13. ORIGINAL CHRISTIANITY started out as a religion that was different than any other religion before or after. The central figure was not successful or popular. ORIGINAL CHRISTIANS were so filled with hatred that they openly admired a man who was put to death by the ruling class for being a trouble maker (blasphemy and sedition). This would be similar to a modern-day religion that worshipped Timothy McVeigh.

    ORIGINAL CHRISTIANITY has been hijacked into portraying a trouble maker into a nice man who went around performing miracles.

  14. Happy Chinese New Year, which falls on 23rd January 2012. May youse all be blessed with red envelopes, firecrackers and sweet-and-sour fish with rice.

  15. I got my first Christmas Card last week – it was in my post box and I only check that every week or so which means it might have actually arrived in October!!

    At least the Xmas decorations only go up here at the beginning of December. 

  16. Meltemian – A few years back we didn’t bother to take down the decorations in the village.  They are permanently up there now.  It kind of fucks with peoples heads to see the lights there in mid-Summer.  Heh!

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