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  1. “Democracy” is a buzz-word to sucker-in support from the serfs. The war in Iraq did not produce a Middle East beacon of democracy.

  2. Let me say something now there’s no way the Greek people are going to get to vote in any referendum. The NWO will be in action behind the scenes to get rid of the PM he will be forced to resign and a new lick-spittle will take over who will tell the people of Greece its not in our interest to have a referendum. Look at their system leaders appointed by 27 votes decisions made by unelected commissioners they dont listen to the people why would they start now. 

  3. Not Green – That bloke is one of the best speakers I have ever heard.  My only regret is that I can’t vote for him.

    Ramrod – I could not agree more.

    Peacock – Rumours are coming in from Greece that Papandreou has withdrawn the referendum.  Democracy wins out again?  HAH!

  4. I think the Greeks are thumbing their noses at the E.U and should be kicked out . The German taxpayers must be sick to death of bailing your arses out. They are offering the Greeks money to get them out of the shit to which the Greeks decide they are going to have a vote on it? You have got to be fuckin’ kidding me. Ungrateful bastards. It’s like this; if you don’t like being in the E.U have yourselves another referendum ang get the fuck out. Y’all voted to stay in. So don’t blame the Krauts, blame the Irish.

  5. Yep, according to the IT he has scrapped the referendum to save his own neck.
    No doubt also the insistence of  Fuhrer Merkel and Reichsfuhrer Sarkozy.

  6. IF Greek’s default then France goes down too.  That’s the reason why Sarkozy is meeting Merkel on a regular basis.

  7. TT – I’m not blaming anyone.  What I am saying is that the EU has dropped all presences of democracy.  They have now openly used bully-boy tactics against Greece.

    As for the Greeks voting on the bailout, it’s not just a simple matter of accepting a load.  The Greeks would have to tolerate at least ten years of being a slave state to the EU.  They would effectively have no say at all in the running of their own country.  At least the rest of us have the [false] illusion that we are in charge of our own destiny.  As for the vote itself, in an ideal democracy people would have the right to vote on any and every government decision.

    Mossy – TT is tired of hearing about the EU.  He’s alright though – he doesn’t have to live under the jackboot.

  8. Who needs an army to declare war when all you have to do is threaten a ‘fellow’ member State with financial ruin? Looking at our own situation it seems a likely theory.

  9. Welcome, Jos.  Regardless of whether or not France is heavily exposed to Greek banks, surely it’s not the place of Merkel or Sarkozy to issue threats, promises or demands?  Those two seem to be running the whole show.

  10. InisEanna – That is very true.  I note with interest that this proposed deal to secure the Euro depends very heavily on all countries allowing greater central financial control.  Then, whoever controls the purse strings controls Europe.  Simple.  Bloodless.  Fourth Reich.

  11. From everything I have read and watched about the EU the only person that makes sense is Nigel Farage.  The EU and the Euro has been a disaster for everyone except the Germans.  It’s time to admit it was a mistake and do away with it.  I originally thought the EU was going to be a benevolent United States of Europe but from all I gather it really is a fourth reich.

  12. Yes, I’ve noticed that Barroso and Van Rompuy are both keeping a low profile over the Greek shenanigans.  Why is that do you suppose?  Could it be that they have always been subservient to German hegemony and that is only now beginning to show?  I don’t believe that Frau Merkel is as close to Sarkozy at it would appear from recent TV appearances.  After his jibe criticising her dumpy figure she must really hate his guts.  I wondered for a time whether the Greek referendum thing was cooked up between Merkel and Papandreou to cause a run on French Banks. 

  13. TT – I’m not blaming anyone.  What I am saying is that the EU has dropped all presences of democracy. 

    Don’t you get to vote for your M.E.P. Isn’t that democracy?

     As for the vote itself, in an ideal democracy people would have the right to vote on any and every government decision.

    You’re kidding, right. That would be absolute chaos, not democracy. And you know it. It’s not Dancing with the fuckin’ stars you know.

  14. “It was the great aim behind the wars in Iraq and Libya…”

    Son son son…
    Didn’t I raise you better? Wait, come to think of it you were adopted. Right, never mind.
    Long story short? Oil. The aim of the wars in Iraq and Libya was access to oil. Or, more correctly, access and American control of oil, a scarce and dwindling fast resource.
    I would have thought you would have sussed that out for yourself.
    Or were you being…sarcastic? (probably not; you seldom are.)

    Your Loving Dad

  15. Doc:

    There is no cheap oil coming from Iraq. The next time that the U.S.A. goes to war for oil, they should not forget to get the oil.

  16. @tt
    Don’t you get to vote for your M.E.P. Isn’t that democracy?

    No, we don’t actually.  Each party puts up a list of candidates, but we only get to vote for a party, who choose who gets to go to the European Parliament. Not that it makes any difference who, or which parties, we send as it is just a talking shop anyway.  They only rubber stamp directives made my the unelected Commission and/or “strategic directions” suggested by the European Council. The latter comprise heads of government as well as José Manuel Barroso and Herman Van Rompuy.  Again neither Ireland nor the UK get to vote for who is head of government we  only get to vote for  party.  In the case of the UK we have the choice of three useless fuckwits.  I will leave it to Grandad to describe Ireland’s choice.


  17. (TT: ‘Don’t you get to vote for your M.E.P. Isn’t that democracy?’)
    Sure. Of course we do. But that’s where the democracy ends. The EU Parliament has NO SAY whatsoever in regard to the running of the EU itself. The REAL power lies with the EU Commision – an unelected body of sharks who decide which laws are made and who has to do what. The Parliament itself is nothing more than an overrated debating platform. MEPs are about as useful as a three legged horse as they have no say in the day to day running of the ‘Fourth Reich’.
    Seriously though; check it on Youtube, check it out on the web. There’s plenty of information out there if you look hard enough

  18. InisEanna & Sean : Thanks for the info.
    Doc I agree with you except it isn’t about oil for the USA as a country as much as profits for multinational corporations. And their congressional right wing whores.

  19. tt –

    you have a point.

    ‘course, if we’re going to peek at the wise and wonderful wizard, we might as well might as well rip the entire curtain down: those same multi-nationals run the EU just as surely as they run Oz.

    …which may go some ways to explaining Grandad’s mood of late. or at least the last couple of years.

  20. Did I just see Doc and tt assume the 69 position, they both suck.

    If I were them (thank fuck, the Lord and all his angels that I’m not)I would turn my expert knowledge of things political towards the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House administration.
    The President can go to war without consulting anyone.
    He has “appointed” a “SUPER COMMITTEE” that dictates legislation and only allows the the HoR and Senate a yes or no vote, no amendments, no filibuster, no discussion.
    The GOP is full of RINOs, the whole political charade is going on unchallenged and these two wiseacres deem it right to poke their noses into our affairs (a fucking gain).
    Sort your own mess out and when you’ve finished sucking on each others dicks – come back.

  21. P**rick reminds me with his interweb vulgaraties of the guys in cars on the road who give you the finger. After making sure their windows are up and the doors are locked and there’s no red light ahead. Fucking coward.

  22. I’m glad the give and take here is still alive, though the addition of the narrow-minded boor is an unfortunate occurrence. Be that as it may…
    Patrick Harris –
    I believe the point tt and I reached some minor consensus on was that the same multi-nationals that run the WH & the American Congress also run the EU: when they raise their whip hand, their dogs do their bidding.
    Beyond that, I would suspect that Grandad’s worry that the entire financial crisis – brought about, if I might venture a second opinion, by the actual creation of the EU itself and exacerbated in no little part by America’s ill advisedly pissing over 2 trillion non-existent dollars away during the Bush regime –  has indeed uncovered the hidden hand behind the union, exposing the same old players up to the same old shit.
    As to your final suggestions, I think not. Though you might do well to sit in front of a mirror and check out the throbbing vein in your forehead and the spittle escaping your mouth; if nothing else you might live longer.

  23. Beyond that, I would suspect that Grandad’s worry that the entire financial crisis [ … ] has indeed uncovered the hidden hand behind the union, exposing the same old players up to the same old shit.”

    Spot on.  I couldn’t have put it better myself [and obviously didn’t?!]

  24. The Usless Fuckwit Trichet is gone. Thank Jasus. Oh! and thanks Super Mario.
    We have to be greatful, nowadays, for small mercys.

  25. Nah, son – you were clear on that point.

    But you distracted me when you started talking about Scarlett and it took me a while to refocus…

  26. Where did I mention Scarlett?  Never mind.  Just all all carry on while I drool over the picture.

  27. Like I said – sort out your own shit and come back – until then (locks
    doors, selects gear, clutch in, revved up – finger), Fuck off.

  28. Sad to hear that the Greek PM has bowed to the wishes of those two that ‘summoned’ him to Cannes yesterday. This referndum idea will be scrapped due to the fact that Fuhrer Merkel and Nicholas ‘TeaCozy’ threatened that Greece (I quote) : ‘would not receive another red cent if the there was a No vote in this referendum’. I guarantee it; this time tomorrow the Greek PM will be out of a job and there’ll be a subservient goverment installed. Ah, yes ….. democracy at it’s finest ……..
    I remember in third class we had this violent teacher who used a blackthorn stick to scare the shite out of us all. He’d single one of us out and ask a question that he knew the individual didn’t know. ‘I don’t know the answer, Sir’. WHHAAACCCK!!!!! He’d keep asking til he got the right answer.
    Sounds like our Angela, doesn’t it?

  29. First of all, I dont think Germany is planning on a “war” with anyone. Second of all, most money in the EU is German taxpayers money. Third of all, Greece put themselves in the shit they are today themselves, eventhough they were warned often enough in the last few years (most Greeks agree to their own dilemma themselves). Seeing that social-welfare is being cut, health and study costs and taxes are going up in Germany makes it legitimate to be pissed off, that millions of Euro are being stuffed in other peoples pockets. I admit, the EU idea has lost faith. Sadly. It would and actually still can be an “opposite pole” to the United States. Its just tough getting there, especially if you take a close look at Europes history. Its not as clean and as united as that of the US.
    I am sure if former Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger would have called out for a referendum concerning Californias independance, someone in Washington D.C. would have summoned him there too. Or am I wrong?
    So, enough of the bullshit. European countries are far off more democratic then the US. I am not a fan of Merkel and surely not of Sarkozy, but we Europeans dont have to deal with rich lobbying against health-care, bible-belt dramas and dont go to war for every drop of oil or to clean up our arsenal, so that the government can go shopping again …

  30. Welcome Michael.

    Firstly, I said that Merkel all but threatened war.  She said that the EU was there to promote peace in Europe [which is incorrect – it was initially set up to promote trade] and that if the union broke up that that peace couldn’t be guaranteed, or words to that effect.

    I agree that Greece is the author of its own misfortunes and I agree that Germany is having to cough up the lion’s share but that still doesn’t give Merkel any special status.  To use your California analogy, if Schwarzenegger had called for an independence vote would Texas and Oregon have the right to demand an explanation?  Would Texas or Oregon have the right to threaten to expel California?  I think they both would have received a severe reprimand from Washington for overstepping the mark?

    I also agree that European countries tend to be a lot more democratic than the States, but the EU itself is very far from democratic.  I know we have token elections to appoint MEPs but they are effectively toothless.  Europe is now controlling both our finances and our courts, and we have no say in the decisions that are made. 

    I’m sorry, but I still see the EU as the biggest threat to democracy that Europe [the continent] faces.


  31. To use your California analogy, if Schwarzenegger had called for an independence vote would Texas and Oregon have the right to demand an explanation? 

    If Arnie proposed a Cali secession Oregon would just light up another doobie and head out for a para-sail run.

    Texas, on the other hand, would be spitting mad ’cause Gov. Perry – 2012 Presidential candidate and insane person putative unhappily closeted gay – has been threatening to have Texas secede since at least 2009. Perry got so worked up, so passionate about this that he manged to get Chuck Norris to declare that he would run for President of The Lone Star State, should Texas actually take its toys and go…well, not home, per se, but you know what I mean cause this to come to pass.

    And the reaction to Perry’s exhortations?


  32. most money in the EU is German taxpayers money.
    well they should have taken better care of it, instead of giving it to the likes of us and the greeks.
    if the Germans spent a few bob instead of putting most of it into the banks  just to make more money they wont spend this mess would not have happened.
    What banker in Germany or France thought that one bedroom apartments in rural sligo at 200,000 euros was a good investment. silly gits

  33. thanks grandad

    just a few comments back … calling Merkel a “Führer” is a bit boring, out of date and just gets me to yawn over and over again, considering that no one out of that time is in politics anymore. the war is over, its been over for that last 67 years. Germany has a longer history of being democratic, than a dictatorship and monarchy together, so lets stop that view please. its pure nonsense. 
    democracy is at risk always, whether the european countries get their act together and work on problems and solve them united as one or whether they are more independent as they were before. i even believe, that this unity secures democracy, since the controls are stronger. Yes, one of its aims was an economic one, the other was to find stability in europe and therefore in the world – the fact that greece has put itself in a fairly bad position would be a european problem whether the euro is there or not. Greece is on a downfall, well, actually theres no where to fall anymore, but saving Greece would be a political debate today with the drachme aswell. Evenmore so, since the drachme was somehow connected to the german mark (as many currencies were at the time).
    I agree, the comparison to the Californian example is a bit off … but close, and regarding your answer, I think that kind of attitude is the one that should be in europe one day. (hope that sounds understandable) A strong unity, where the question of expelling a state doesnt even arouse. by the way, no one is expelling anyone out of the unity. the question was taking the currency back to the drachme. if countries would be expelling others, i think only france and germany would remain in the eu. Would that risk democracy? Would it risk democracy if Berlusconi didnt have to follow some rules from brussels? The EU doesnt risk democracy!
    @ the sham. your arguments dont make sense. sorry. have you been to germany? have you seen what drives around on the highways? what money is being spent? atleast they have the money to spend and even nake it themselves and dont take out a loan … strange. i sense some jealousy there. 
    i was in ireland recently and an irish friend of mine was showing me everything that was financially covered “by the germans”, including highways, probably the next unemployment pay and so on and so on … dont understand me wrong, but i can therefore ask, why so many stupid remarks?? Its like with the greeks who turn around and bash the bottle you give them back at you because of their hurt ego? all this was and still is a reason the eu was created. to help eachother economicaly (ofcourse to make profit) and to protect european stability and to face up to bigger nations like china and the us. a few more reasons too …


  34. Michael – My comparing Germany’s current position to the Nazis of the past is in no way original.  You will find many references to “The Fourth Reich” amongst contemporary writers.   It is a comparison born out of the widespread feeling that Germany is having an undue influence on the current state of affairs within Europe.

    When the EEC was first created it had lofty ideals of removing trade barriers within Europe.  This was an ideal I could easily subscribe to and subsequently I did vote for Ireland to join.  In the years since then the rules have apparently been changed so that now the goal is for a United States of Europe.  I never voted for that.  Already Ireland has lost its financial sovereignty and is also under the thumb of European law.  You control a country’s purse strings and courts, you control the country.  Perhaps the most frightening indication of this loss of sovereignty is seen in the vote for the Lisbon Treaty.  It was forced through every parliament in Europe [once they realised that it would be defeated by a referendum] with the exception of Ireland.  The Irish voted against the treaty and were sternly told to vote again, and to get it right this time.  The European Constitution has therefore been enacted with mere passing lip service to democracy, so is it any wonder that people start comparing the current situation to the Europe of 1939?

  35. Michael:

    “Democracy” and “unity” always turns into a domesticated straight-jacket.

    I thrive in my crimes of revenge.

  36. i agree with you in all points, except for 2. it was obvious in the 50s, that a dream was there to unite europe in more ways than making it more efficient to trade. the dream was to unite it the way you mentioned, the US of E. it wasnt spoken out officially, but it damn sure was a major aim one day. one must have been really blind not to see that. of course, the war was still in the back of many minds, even still very present for others, so a dream like that spoken out would have driven many nuts, especially the french, the british, the dutch … well actually every one who was occupied or terribly involved in the war. even the germans. on the other hand, why shouldnt it be more than a dream?
    the fourth reich … ok. germany “made it” economically after the war. whats wrong with that? why is everyone so worried? if the british had the chance, rolled up their sleeves and tried their best instead of laying back and pretending to rule the world, they could have made it too. the same or even more goes for the french. oh boy, this sounds nationalistic. sorry, this is surely not the way i want to go.
    i am just quite fed up with this comparison with the nazis all the time. it seems to be an anglo-saxon thing. first of all, this comparison is totally wrong. many should read history books to really find out what the nazis were about, what the economic situation was like after ww1 and what the situation was like in the world at the time. i dont think, that there is anything up to now in history that is comparable to that terrible machine of hatred, murder and racism of the nazi time. i am ashamed of that part of history, but i am proud to be german, proud of germanys economic achievements and proud that we have achieved an efficient democracy that is so stable, even more than many other european countries. and last but not least, i am proud to be european, because of europes terrible history we are actually capable of getting our act together to look forward together and work forward together. we are still young at that, doing many mistakes, but i am convinced it is the right way and actually, looking at globalization, the best way.

    slainte, prost, santé, cheers and so on 🙂 

  37. … ramrod, well then maybe we should go back to dictatorships or get all those monarchies up and running again. how about socialism? that worked well some 80 years in some places.
    crimes of revenge? towards whom? 

  38. Michael:

    I never wrote one thing about supporting monarchies, dictatorships, or socialism. What I did do is point out that an orderly society such as democracy produces a hierarchy that demands that citizens grovel to that hierarchy to solve personal problems: marriage disputes, education, retirement, etc. That’s not for me.

    I commit crimes of revenge against the ruling class who have harmed me and others that I care about. 

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