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  1. As you may remember the O.H is away for a week and to make it worse she took the sister in law with her, so I have to amuse meself these evenings! Last night I was watching some hypnotising trite on same old economic problem when out popped some plonker with a justification of why the ordinary people have to pay for the mistakes of the Bankers, Politburo etc.  He reasoned that the people voted in the politicians and the governments, thereby making their decisions and mistakes OUR FAULT!!!!! We now should pay for putting them in, in the first place!

    Because of my reaction, I now have to replace the TV before herself ( and the sis in law) return!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My answer to that is that they were elected to act responsibly.  They didn’t, so I reserve the right to heap scorn and bile on them at every opportunity.  Have you though of putting a sheet of bullet proof glass in front of the TV?  It saves me a fortune.

  3. Or stop watching the tellybox and rely instead on erudite blogs like this to get a handle on what may be going on in the world.
    As for sugar I’m sure white van man would be able to sort you out with your supply once the tax is in. As sugar is being removed from all processed foods to render them ‘bland but healthy’ I foresee a gradual but unstoppable return to home cooking as way of feeding the family thus lowering the profits of the big food companies along with the taxes the pox-bottles need to live off and reducing the income for big pharma to boot as the population really will be healthier and have less need of their expensive chemical potions.

    A win, win,, win, win if ever there was one!

  4. yup that sums it up.
    i’m a wee bit touchy myself till about january, when the light brightens up a bit again 

  5. Grandad,

    I agree 1,000% with all of that …….. except the last line about showing how nice we Irish are. I believe the bastards want to prove how stupid the Irish really are to all our neighbors and at the same time, how clever they personally are. These sociopaths (look it up, it’s the definition of Politician), are planning their next big pay day on the European gravy train, before relaxing at 50 on a huge State pension (and a euro one too). They really are legalized thieves. 

  6. A sizeable portion of the taxes you pay goes toward providing security against terrorism. Be forever fearful and appreciate the police-state. It’s “all for our own good”.

  7. Bill – All that was from the radio.  I like my drop of wireless as I can keep it on as a background sound.  However it is still possible to raise the old blood pressure.

    Cat – The Winter Solstice is my day of celebration.  I’m not one to wish my life away but…  less than fifty days!!

    John – Whichever it was, it was a revolting display or arse licking at our expense.  May they all die roaring.

    Ramrod – I’m just wondering how soon they will make it a crime to speak out against the EU.  And I am  quite serious about that.

  8. Grandad:

    You should be “quite serious” about the crime of insulting/criticising the government. I was a couple of days away from going to jail (contempt of court= no trial) for just that. I used public court documents that I purchased for 10 cents per page from the U.S Clerks Office on my website. A last-minute legal intervention by Ralph Nader saved me.

    Activist U.S. Judge Joan Gottschall has created a new right: the right of the government not to be harmed by RAMROD’S criticism.

  9. Apart from being fucking irate beyond words about all this shite, in which I had no hand or act but have to pay for, I wonder just why Kenny and his bunch of fucking liars won’t name and shame the bondholders (bastards).
    Is it because they are their friends, just like Fianna fail. I wish to fuck someone would name the cunts,’cos I would love to get my pound of flesh. At least the dog would get fed.

  10. Ramrod – That shower of wankers over there are losing the run of themselves altogether.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they had already slipped in some anti-EU libel or slander law amongst all the other thousands of petty rules, laws and regulations they have forced on us.

    Slab – I think I heard mention of the fact no one knows who they are as the bonds have been sold on several times.

  11. Grandad:

    I am an expert on the U.S.A. and not on the EU. I want to keep it that way. But, if we can share any tactics that are destroying freedom, that would be useful. I am sure that “THE NEW WORLD ORDER” is piecing together a strategy from different parts of our globe.

  12. Grandad apologies for my lack of clarity. The tellybox comment was in reply to Not Green not your good self.

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