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  1. Farce me, I thought the vote was to either accept the bail out or not to accept the bail out
    If they vote “yes”, isn’t that what the EU wants?
    If they vote “no” they don’t, not, nyet, get any money.

    It’s all Greek to me.
    I’d rather play with tt,
    I think he’s gone all sulky Sue,
    On me.

  2. Perhaps, the Greek people have some pride. Perhaps, they do not want to admit to the world that they are incapable of managing their financial resources.

    When the EU goes bankrupt, the World Bank will bail them out. Everybody will belong to the same NEW WORLD ORDER which will be ruled by corporations. A corporation is a fiction that allows people to not care about their fellow human beings. 

  3. I suspect that the EU bureaucrats will find some legal reason why the Greeks can’t have a referendum. Apparently there is some talk that the Greek constitution disallows referendums on fiscal matters.

    @Patrick I think GD is saying quite clearly that the Greeks will probably have to have more than one referendum before the EU gets the answer it wants.  I bit like what happened in Ireland you remember.  

    @GD If there were to be a EMU in/out referendum in Ireland what is your guess at the likely outcome now that the assurances given to Ireland, when they approved the Lisbon Treaty, have proven worthless?

  4. Patrick – As I understand it, they are going to ask the Greeks whether they accept or not the terms of the bailout which in turn means they accept the austerity measures.  I they vote yes, then they are screwed.  If the vote no then the Euro is screwed.  I think I know which way they’ll vote!  

    I’d rather play with tt,”  I suppose that’s better than playing with yourself?

  5. Ramrod & Sean – If the referendum goes ahead then as far as Brussels is concerned, they have to vote to accept.  Anything else would be a disaster for the EU.  So either they have to find some way of convincing the Greeks [highly unlikely] or they will have to prevent the referendum.  The latter course I imagine would lead to further mass riots in Greece as the Greeks would rightly see it as an interference in their democratic rights,

  6. They will just get kicked out if they vote no and considering a pole recently said 75% or so wish to stay in the eu then the eu/greek goverment will have to word it as a referendum on membership.

    This is either utterly stupid because lets be honest greece is a basket case if they default no one will loan to them for years and years which will cause untold misery for their population or they vote yes and get something less bad but still pritty horrible  this isnt lose/win its Fucked/fucked with some lube situation from the looks of it plus with this move they are pissing off the poeple funding them and damageing the world economy even further all in all i just dont see it as a good move beyond YAY SCREW THE EU ! type shouts 

  7. I’ll say one thing for the Greeks – at least they know how to show their exasperation, anger and frustration. Most people here in Ireland are too lazy to get off their arses in case they miss the X-Factor or Jeremy fucking Kyle.
    I’m hoping Irish people will pull their heads out of their collective holes and take notice of the Greek situation. If things get more violent there it MIGHT make Comrade Chairman Barossa and his stooges sit up and listen, but it’s more than likely they’ve become so wrapped up in their self righteousness that they’re beyond listening. The words horse and blinkers spring to mind

  8. “ll say one thing for the Greeks – at least they know how to show their exasperation, anger and frustration. Most people here in Ireland are too lazy to get off their arses in case they miss the X-Factor or Jeremy fucking Kyle.”

    Thats a load of crap the greeks are achieving sweet fuck all that will benfit them its just blind stupidity and destruction of private property because er why not like we be angry at something or other it servers no purpose and will change absolutely nothing i far rather the irish way of just getting on with it and trying to political and socialy demonstrate against injustices rather than pointlessly throwing petrol bombs at police cars  

  9. Sean – I never like to predict how the Irish will vote.  We tend to be good little sheep people and vote according to the wishes of our masters, so I wouldn’t back the outcome of any vote like that.

    Dark – I have to disagree with you there.  I agree that burning out cars and buildings is sort of destructive, but protests can achieve their aims.  Just look at the pensioners when there was a threat to the medical card a while ago?

  10. Oh i don’t disagree with protests but the silliness we see on the streets in Greece is not something we should hold up to aspire to

  11. Hi Dark.
    I think you misunderstood the jist of what I was trying to get at;
    I wasn’t suggesting or condoning violence. What I meant by people getting off their holes was things like attending mass demonstrations in Dublin, Galway, Cork and Limerick coupled with nationwide strikes organised by the various Unions. Usually even the threat of anything like this would be enough to make Dame Enda, Gilbore and those detached lot in Leinster House get their tongues out of Barossa’s arse.
    Another point is that as soon as elections are over, most TDs seem to (selectively) forget that it’s the PEOPLE OF IRELAND who (foolishly) voted them in and that they are servants of and answerable to the PEOPLE OF IRELAND, not to the European Commision.
    On another issue as well, i also think that the Unions, who are just as accountable for our mess as the politicians, have a lot to answer for as well.

  12. I apologize so used to reading a warped sense of respect for the images of violence in greece on message boards.

    I wonder if our government is somewhat eager to jump through hoops due to irelands open economy and dependence on the eu and america to trade our way out of this mess? i really dont know i doubt its just to be good little german lapdogs plus i dont know what unions would protest about we really cant afford how the country is run right at this moment i believe discounting the bank bailout money dragging down this years deficit we are still running something like -10billion a year which isnt sustainable i agree though that the public do have a duty to ensure the weakest members of society are protected rather than crippleing the country and sadly it seems loseing a sense of community welfair and soladarity at times (GOD DAMN SINGLE MOTHERS ON 100000 EURO A WEEK FROM THE DOLE!) for the unionised workers or the banks

    Yeah, tell me about it. It’s become a Junior Cert subject for the local apprentice slags. A very high pass rate by the looks of it.
    You should see the weekly buggy races they have at the Post Office. First prize: A slab of blue WKD and 200 Marlboro. Last Christmas one of them got a present of alloy wheels for the buggy.

  14. tt – Happy Birthday High Five, it’ll take some time but for you and only you I will fuck all the Greeks.
    Right that’s your lot, truce over you fucking moron.

  15. GD -” “I’d rather play with tt,”  I suppose that’s better than playing with yourself”

    shit, I only said that because it rhymed with “me”, anyway it’s his birthday and he needs somebody to play with, I suspect it’s lonely and cold up there in the attic with only a chain to pull.

    My birthday present to him was to hold a Happy Birthday High Five truce for 5 seconds which, I hear, is the high limit of his attention span. don’t take that as a weak moment, we are not making up.

    But I digress, I hear that the Greek referendum has to have a 3 fifths majority, fat Greek chance of that.

  16. Q. How do you make an ugly baby?
    A. Ask Patrick’s mum.

    Q. Who was Patrick’s dad?
    A. Some soldiers.

    Fuck off cuntface.

  17. GD, I see “Fianna Fáil has called on the Minister for Finance to provide a clear explanation of how an error of such scale could occur”.
    What a fucking cheek, they should be told to go fuck themselves and piss off until hell freezes over. They have no right to ask for anything in the new Ireland, the Ireland of tight belts and sallow faces. They caused the Irish fuck up, with their mates and their brown bags and their charlie fuckin’ haughy. Fuck right off.

  18. Oh Jasus, Its all going to fuck. I’m going to get the old rocket plans out again. Recent reports from “The Experts” say we are all fucked in thirty one years. Some big bastard Asteroid, Apophis, is going to swat the fuck out of us. It’ll probably land here since we always get the shite deals.
    Anyone know of a class three planet nearby. Beam me up Scotty for fuck sake…………..

  19. Slab, In 31 years time I won’t be here, or there, or anywhere but by the sound of it you will be here, there and everywhere.
    When Princess Di took the final dive  a bloke came running up to me and said “she’s alive, she’s alive, she’s on the radio”
    He then told me that she was also on the dash, the steering wheel, the door and the seat.
    Don’t believe all you hear.

  20. No way will they let their Forth Reich fail so they will write off Greece’s debt. What’s their alternative the Greek people are not going to vote for slavery, all this suffering and not one person responsible for all that thieving has been called to book. O by the way how is Sean Fitzpatrick doing?

  21. PH, If I can build the Rocket, launch and find a worm hole in space, the kind that alters the time, then I can come back younger and in time to stop Fianna fail fucking the country up, sort the EU out and make a few bob on The Lotto. Maybe Scotty can even give me a loan of one of those interstellar warp driven disconbobulating photon torpedo weapons to blast the asteroid.
    I’m still taking the pills, by the way.

  22. The fabian communists who are the elite in Brussels and support the E.U. project won’t let go until it crashes down on top of them, as with any enterprise or mechanism that is ruled by fanatics who live outside of reality the implosion will have to come before they recognise their stupidity, however the 4th reich will fail and fail spectacularly probably sooner than they think, the Greek prime minister is a VERY smart politician and is way in front of the axis leaders, remember, not all politicians are completely amoral and Greece as the cradle of democracy understands the importance of the will of the people far better than more recent ‘democracies’ i.e. Germany.

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