Taking sweets from strangers — 15 Comments

  1. When I lived in The burbs, I loved Halloween. It was the time of year when I could get even with all the annoying neighbours little buggers. The little bastards who’d bang on your door and run away, or the little snot nosed turd who always hung over the wall draped like an old carpet, asking you what you were doing and why and ‘My Daddy’s is bigger and better’ shite.
    I used to dress up for the auld party, usually in something real scary (not herself’s dresses or anything weird like that). The Goul of corpse look and when they knocked on the door, a years supply of revenge was achieved as the little fuckers ran screaming for their Mammys.
    I kept the sweets for myself Heh! Well someone had to collect the crap they dropped on their way out.

  2. Your should be glad your Sandy doesn’t reside here in Shannon ‘Town’. It’s been like fucking Belfast in the 80s here for the past five weeks or so. And don’t even get me started about the town itself…..

  3. no bangers here, banned, can’t be having fun an all, bad for us all that having fun.
    never understood the ad slant on things and agree with you, same as a big blow up gorrilla doesn’t make me rush out to by the car/truck/jeep they are hawking.

    happy halloween anyway, but don’t come to my building…its securitied kids can’t get in =)   

  4. Halloween is my favorite night. I love getting dressed-up in a wierd costume. I love pretending that I am someone else. I love sharing drugs with kinky strangers. I love fucking different women that I don’t have to relate with.

  5. Slab – So you like to dress up and chase after children?  I must mention that to my shrink the next time I see her.  I like the idea of scaring the shite out of the kids though.

    Welcome InisEanna!  I did spend a miserable few years in the ‘Burbs so I know all about the constant rumble of fireworks.  They used to start at the end of September.  I suppose they start even earlier now?  It is one of the many things I love about the mountains – it does tend to be a lot quieter.

    Cat – Fireworks have always been banned here too, but that never stopped them.  It is one thing I perversely love about fireworks – a very public two fingers to the authorities.  Sorry to hear about the securities – I was going to call on you tonight….

    Ramrod – So your Halloween has evolved a bit?  That sounds like fun.  I’m sure that sooner or later it will catch on over here.  We seem to pick up all our bad habits from you lot.

  6. I like the bit about the sofa. As for Sandy; switch the vacuum cleaner on (if you can find the switch or for that matter the vac itself) to take her mind off the fireworks.

  7. TT – As I write this, there is some quite heavy artillery going off in the neighbourhood.  However I laced added some home grown “herbs” to her dinner [which she thoroughly enjoyed] and she is now fast asleep at my feet with a big smile on her face.

  8. You think you have problems?  In my younger days Halloween was something the Yanks did.  We had Guy Fawkes night and that was it.  You went out and stood around a bonfire and lit fireworks.  It didn’t matter whether it was wet or dry – actually I don’t remember it ever being dry. Foggy yes, often so much so you couldn’t make out who was standing next to you.  Neither did it matter whether it was a weekday or a weekend it was all over in one glorious evening.  Nowadays it goes on for weeks.  This year Halloween crap has been in the supermarkets for the past six weeks competing with Christmas crap, trick or treating started last week and we can expect idiots letting off fireworks to plague us until at least mid November.

  9. My big chocolate Labrador has just the right bark for the little bastards when they come a-knocking, having just an inch thick door between them and a chocolate treat that can cause serious damage to flesh, bone and cartilage is the reason for peace and quiet at this address..
    Are you ignoring me?
    Boy have I got a treat for you, you can be my trick. I’ll have to tear my eyeballs out and eat them first.

  10. You haven’t heard the sustained cacophony of bangers and rockets until you’ve experienced the Chinese New Year celebrations.

    In Ireland I have always rewarded small groups of colourfully disguised children when they sing a song and strum a guitar or play notes on their tin whistle. In recent years, with Arts Council grants, some localities have organized public torchlit parades ending with concerts and a bonfire in a public square. That’s the way to go with halloween celebrations – fun for all the family.

    Happy winter everybody.

  11. In the Good Old Days we just celebrated Halloween here.  We might hollow out a turnip and carve a face in it and then stick a candle inside.  ‘Dressing up’ generally meant throwing an old sheet over our heads [or a new one if the Ma wasn’t looking] and then trawling the streets for apples or nuts.  Then that abomination of a name – Trick or Treat – took hold and things were never the same.  The kids now demand a fucking four course meal in return for wearing a Spider Man mask.  They think that waving a Light Sabre constitutes dressing up.  No inventiveness.  Sad.

    Ger – I have no problem with celebrations for a proper event.  The New Year is a bit of an occasion [for some] and I respect that.  It’s a bit like Paddy’s Day here.  No harm in a few legitimate illegitimate fireworks then.

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