Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory — 12 Comments

  1. “face impeachment” it’s nice to see the older folk are still as naive as the younger folk.

  2. There is no harm in dreaming.  And don’t knock the older folk.. we have our own president now!

    Fukkit, we’ll have another cardboard cutout spouting poetry and shite for at least seven years, if he doesn’t croak first or we all die of boredom.
    I voted for Norris, not because I like him, but since The UK have a Queen, whom we all took to so much, wouldn’t it be nice to have our own.
    We would have had a right laugh, too with all the craic yer man would have provided, with his pals up to see him in The Park, the gaffs, mistakes and maybe a scandal or two.
    I think Ireland has made a mistake and missed an opportunity for an entertaining seven years.
    At least we’d be getting something back for our tax money.

    More seriously though on the McGuinness yoke. In some of his interviews and debates he made reference to ‘Partitionists’, that’s us citizens of The Republic. His use of this word is an insult to democracy and The Irish Republic. It is a Civil War term, used up and out of date by nearly ninety years. The people of The Irish Republic overwhelmingly voted in favour, in a referendum, to remove our Constitutional claim to the six counties. As a presidential Candidate he should, at least have been aware of our Constitution and the meaning of Democracy in our Republic. The Republicans of the north need to get over their sense of abandonment from 1922 and live in the 21st centuary in peace.
    Poor Martin thinks we want a thirty two county Ireland which none of us can afford or want as a result no matter how nice it might seem.
    Imagine how much money the Brits (NI Republican term) would save. How many people, both of Republican or British persuasions, in Northern Ireland would like to be part of The Republic. I’m guessing, not many.

  4. Slab – Of all of them Higgins is the “least bad” in my book.  They may have to get a box for him to stand on when greeting people but that’s a small price.  He’s reasonably turned out and I don’t think he will embarrass us too much.  McGuinness did give me the creeps with his republican vocabulary.  and I just feel he was in there as if he won, Sinn Fein would have the ultimate propaganda machine.  I do think we should scrap the border though – I wonder if the UK would take us back?

    Not Green – Jayzus!  Taoiseach Gallagher?  Fuck!!!!

    Patrick – I’d be more inclined to impeach his knackers.

  5. What gives me pleasure is that Gallagher didn’t get the Louth vote, 
    Really I should have no reason for hating this man so much,
    he didn’t do anything to me, but its his rancid smell of FF
    his brown envelope collection, his bare faced lies and his LMFM

    I do like the Tweet from 20major

    twentymajor twentymajor 

    That he was willing to sacrifice creating jobs to live in the big house, wow. What a man. But now we’ll see the true measure of him


  6. GD, I think Michael Twee might not last the term and another box will be called for.
    If the UK do leave The EU, asking if we can be their best pals and join their club, might not be a bad idea.

  7. It wasn’t a bad line-up – more than one acceptable candidate. Decent result as far as I’m concerned.
    Though has anyone actually read his poetry?
    Thought not.

  8. I know that this subject is a little bit out of date, but I just HAD to tell everybody this one:
    I was talking to my Father on the phone last night to let him know that I’d be up to see them on Monday afternoon. We were chatting about this and that when he suddenly asked:
    Dad – You didn’t vote for your man ‘Yorkie’ in the election. I hope?
    Me – Who the fuck is Yorkie?!!
    Dad – You know; your man Yorkie Gallagher.
    Me – Course I didn’t!! I wouldn’t give him the steam off my piss.
    Dad – Ah; good man, good man.
    Me – Just one question though; why do you call him Yorkie?
    Dad – ‘Cause he’s big, rich and thick.
    I couldn’t have put it better myself…….

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