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  1. Unless we see a vast amount of spoiled votes, we can safely say that everyone voted for the wrong person.

  2. I never heard of the guy until I started reading about him in relation to the Presidential election and, like you, am utterly amazed that he is leading in the opinion polls.
    After all the fuss about allowing David Norris back in the race it’s a major surprise to me that he’s only fourth in today’s opinion poll.
    I wouldn’t be too quick about the Libyan citizenship if I were you. Alcohol is banned there – not your type of place at all at all. But it is warm and sunny there. Bit too hot for dictators though.

  3. I refer you to the other day:

    tt on 21 Oct 2011 at 2:19 pm
    “grown adults are more than capable of making their own judgements.”
    Yeah, bad ones. People (except me and occasionaly you) are fucking stupid. It may have escaped your attention that the Gov’t is made up of grown adults. And then there’s Patrick.

  4. “People get the government they deserve.”
    THIS is often quoted to explain why our governments are generally pretty awful, all over the world. Looking at the shower standing if I was voting I would put none of the above. The truth is the whole system all over the world has been corrupted by greedy politicians and their business cronies. Look at the US a candidate for President needs funding of millions to stand, how is that democracy? In Ireland I’m not sure of the system but is it that these eejits were sponsored by councils?…who do they ask? Whatever happens yer are screwed but be thankful that cr**k Ahern is not standing. 

  5. “forgotten already?  Can they really be that fucking stupid?”
    FFS they had two goes at fucking off the EU, they got it right the first time and then, for reasons only known to the Oirish, went and voted again to be enslaved, denationalised and shafted but with a bigger dick than the home grown one.
    Fuck off tt.

  6. Gammagoblin – The only true justice would be if no one at all turned out for the election, except for the candidates themselves.  Mind you, some of them are so fucking thick, they wouldn’t even think to vote for themselves.

    Mossy – They need someone in Libya to show them the error of their ways.

    TT – They should hold some kind of IQ test before handing out ballot papers.

    Peacock – Spot on.  It’s not the quality of the voting so much as the quality of the candidates.  Be it a general election or a presidential one, they are all a dead loss.  Same old same old.  To be qualified to be a presidential candidate here you need to be put forward by a political party of by at least four county councils.  In other words, a load of fucking bollox.

    Patrick – The one good [?] thing to come out of the Lisbon fiasco is that it provides hard tangible proof that we are no longer living in a democracy.

    The only good thing about this election [one has to find the bright side] is that that arch cunt Jackie Healy Rae isn’t standing.


  7. This Gallagher guy looks like Lex Luthor and anybody labeled as an Arch-Cunt gets my vote!  🙂

  8. I’m right with you on this one GP. How in fucks name could a nation of people be so fucking thick that they are blinded to the truth behind this baldy stroker. I can only put it down to the fact that most of his votes will come from fianna fail cunts who are too ignorant to vote for anyone outside of their own corrupted party, this country is well and truly fucked.

  9. GD, I’m so long away now I shouldn’t have an opinion but for some reason I keep reading the papers and try to keep up to date. This Gallagher lad does indeed seem like the worst of the bunch. No claim to fame except for a FF background and jockeys bollocks.
    I was back a few times in the last 7 years and have come to the conclusion that the place is actually a peasant nation. All around the country you’ll meet people who’ll drop their vote into the pocket of the local lad, totally ignoring the fact that he’s a cunt and a thief. You see the thing is his father was on the local council and he got the grant for the new stand out at the pitch.
    And he has a good suit and I saw him on the telly. He’s the man.
    That’s the way it is and so it will stay.
    (Oddly enough, it’s exactly the same here…).

  10. Just seen him on Prime Time Kenny the Benny show. He fucked himself, over a certain cheque he ‘overlooked’ when questioned over the Fianna Fail fundraiser.
    Can’t wait to see what the polls will say in the am.

  11. UPDATE:  I too have just watched the much hyped Debate.  I almost [but not quite] felt sorry for him as the others laced into him about his FF background and his dodgy deals.  I don’t have that much time for the McGuinness bloke but he did a beautiful job in handing Gallagher a long length of rope to hang himself with, which he duly did – all sorts of dodgy shit about taking envelopes [containing €5000 ?] from convicted gangsters for Fianna Fail. 

    Will it change the outcome?


    The Irish will have forgotten the debate in a couple of days.

    “Ah sure he’s a grand lad, and didn’t we see him on the telly in the dragon thing?  I’m votin’ for him”


  12. If everything was proportional, the lambasting Sean Gallagher tonight would equal a Gaddafi-style public execution of Bertie Ahern for what he did. 

  13. And it really pisses me off hearing about that utter wanker Ahern still swanning around the world.  There is no justice.

  14. I’ve seen a couple of interviews of yer man, Gallagher.  I read somewhere that he was a kick-boxer or something?  I wouldn’t want to cross him.  Just be glad that your candidates don’t campaign for 18 months!  🙂

  15. I regret that some weeks ago I totally underestimated Gallagher, when I stated my wish to vote in the election (impossible here) by voting for candidates in the predicted order of their elimination. I gave the businessman my number 1, thinking he’d be the first to be eliminated.

    My revised wish-vote would now be as follows:

    1. Rosemary Scallon
    2. Mary Davis
    3. David Norris
    4. Commander McGuinness

    I would then discontinue my preferences, rendering my ballot paper nontransferable after the commander is eliminated on the fourth count.

    Place your bets with the bookies gentlemen.

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