The Nerd speaks — 5 Comments

  1. It used to be that a plumber or a car mechanic was everybody’s friend. Now it’s a computer geek.
    Off topic but I trust all you climate change ostriches in the N.E. states over here are enjoying your December in October. I’m off to an outdoor Hallowe’en party. Wrap up well around the firepit. I’m going as Patrick. Should scare the shit out of everyone.

  2. BOO.
    My nuts are roasting on an open fire, figuratively speaking, nornally they’re on your chin.

  3. Really? I have the old address bookmarked. I just tried it and it redirected just fine although the URL in the address bar of my browser still showed and not Either way I don’t have to change the bookmark address but I will anyway just ‘cuz you asked.

    And I’m completely ignoring the previous comments as they are completely and utterly off topic (good one Patrick).

  4. TT – Nerds have their uses.  Apart from fixing computers and fucking up websites they atr also quite good at minding the house while I’m down the pub.

    Brainf – I dunno what I’ll do if those two ever make up?  Life will be quite boring.

    Kirk M – I think he has that sorted now.  He’s gone off to bed with some Valium anyway.

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