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  1. The Urban Light Wasp Removal Company seems to be very busy in London, Birmingham, Bratfurt, the Black Country etc. The only complaints seem to be coming from:
    the police
    the gubmint
    business owners
    shop owners
    the local residents.
    Can’t understand it meself.

  2. There’s loads of fires in London, Birmingham and Manchester at the moment!
    But I don’t think you can blame these on wasps.

  3. “A few gallons of petrol.” No wonder you burned the house down. No, a rag soaked in petrol, lit and stuffed into the nest is all that is required for yellow jackets. You ‘townies’ know nought.

  4. Patrick & Mossy – If it’s a coincidence, it’s a strange one.  Fuck!  Now I feel bad.

    TT – It was a huge wasps nest.  And don’t fucking call me a townie.  Just because you are having a rough time in the comments of another post…..

  5. We have some nice 40mm thermite grenades and the launchers that go with them.  That would work well for wasps nests and neighbors

  6. ……..Ahhhhh now I understand.  They weren’t rioting at all – they were just getting rid of wasp nests!!
    We get a lot but mostly manage to get rid of them while they are quite small, I always feel sorry for the wasps – all that energy wasted.  We got one inside the gas barbecue, they got in through a small hole in the side.  Gave ‘Himself’ a bit of a shock when he opened the lid!!!!!!!!  He didn’t light the BBQ though, just used a lot of wasp spray.

  7. Four tears ago?  Would that be tears of laughter at the departure of the neighbours or sadness at the cost of the petrol – which now costs the equivalent of US$10 a gallon?

  8. Brianf – Thermite grenades could come in handy, especially at Hallowe’en.  Can you send me a few crates please?  The usual arrangements….

    TT – Glad you’re happy.  Something I said?

    Metemian – That is the problem with those buggers – they get in through the smallest holes.  We had one last year, but fortunately the inhabitants were the dopiest bunch of wasps I ever met.  They just nicely lined themselves up to be swatted.  I didn’t need to burn my house down, or anything.

    Ian – Bugger!  How did I miss that?  Mind you, I feel better at the thought that several others didn’t seem to notice either.

  9. Had that problem a few years ago. The buggers built a nest the size of a football in the attic. I used a Super soaker waterpistol loaded with insectacide and removed it a day later for burning. A satisfying sound as the little buggers bodies went pop in the fire. I got some of the neighbours kids with the waterpistol too. They twitched on the ground, wiggled a bit and staggered off. No more problems with footballs hitting the windows anymore too. Heh!

  10. If you take the magnetron out of a microwave oven, use a metal dish as a focusing antenna, the nasty critters next door will explode like popcorn. I heard it also works on wasps.

  11. Talking about getting in through little holes:
    I joined my local gym last week and during my first session I was bending down, as you do, and I noticed a hole in my trainer, I put my finger in and wiggled it about a bit, she only went and grassed to the manager and I’m now banned.

  12. Slab – Reminds me of a story I heard a long time ago.  Little kid was constantly being bullied by the big kid on the road.  One day, Little Kid went up to Big Kid and told him to take a hike.  Little Kid whipped out a water pistol.  Big Kid laughs and says he’s not afraid of a water pistol.  Little Kid tells him it’s not a water pistol, it’s a piss pistol.  Big Kid runs.

    JimC – That sounds like a lot of fun.  No wasps nests at the moment but I’m sure I will find something to pop?

    Patrick – …… ….  er, yes …….

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