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  1. I have said for years, ever since he was clinton’s VP, that Algore is full of shit.  I have never believed in his climate change religion.  It’s so nice to see the world’s scientific community coming together to disprove his theories. 

  2. Brianf – The very first time I heard of this Global Warming thing alarm bells rang.  And when I started to dig, the alarm bells became deafening.

    There is one enormous question though – if the whole AGW gang finally admit that they got it wrong, what the fuck is going to happen to all the Carbon Trading and Carbon Taxes bullshit [and that is true bullshit!]?  How are the public going to react to the news that they have been paying extra for a myth?  The bottom line is that Global Warming has to exist even though it has been proved that it doesn’t.

  3. TT – Good evening to you too, Sir.

    Jim C – Would you accept BC’s castoffs?

    Cat – That’s very unlike you to to miss an opportunity to hear a grown man cry?

  4. Check your e-mail GD. Also, when are you going to Frankreich? Why you go there every fuckin’ year is beyond me. I mean it’s OK in the south and the west, but have you never heard of Italy? Maybe you could holiday in Germany. You Irish probably get the Krauts to pay for it. Anyways, take more photies this tear. Maybe a viddy?

  5. TT – Mail checked.  And what’s wrong with France?  It’s warm, I have a passable working knowledge of the lingo and it’s relatively close.  I would love to visit further afield [Italy?  Switzerland?] but they are one hell of a lot further away, and I don’t know any of the lingo.

  6. … which means they will be reading what you read before you get it.  Shit!  I suppose that means I’ll soon have the CIA camping on my doorstep again.

  7. Oh fuck!  Now look what you have done.  Woken TT again.  Can you two please not break any of my best crockery this time.

    CIA – I told you before.  A big black van with mirror windows and “Manhatten Power and Light” very slightly sticks out in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains.  Can you at lest try to be a little more inventive this time?

  8. I am just being considerate of an old man who is six hours ahead of Chicago’s time and may already be in bed.

  9. Ramrod – Much appreciated.  It’s nice to be treated civilly from time to time.  Actually I am just thinking of going to bed now.

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