How to remove a wasps nest — 19 Comments

  1. I don’t think those wasps will be back. There is nowhere for them to build now anyway.

    Do you think I should write to that site and tell them my method?

  2. I think you should. Your method was much more effective than:

    ‘…find a can of wasp & hornet killer that is labeled as a projectile spray…
    Repeating this process twice or even three times may be necessary until you’re certain the nest has been vacated…’

    This is too much work. Your method of destroying the nest (and any surrounding structures) guarantees the removal of wasps.

  3. I poured in two cans of industrial strength spray, and that didn’t work. The natural ways are the best.

  4. You seem to have killed two birds with the one stone there as it were. You got rid of the wasps and your neighbour. Albeit temporarily.

    What are you going to use for golf practise now the house next door has been demolished?

  5. note to self>>>> Never by a house near Grandad!

    Some of the wasps might have been on holiday.

    When they come back and find their home has gone they will move in on YOU!

  6. I’m going to remember that method. The last time I had to rid myself of those pesky WASP’s I just invited a bunch of black guys and a few Puerto Rican families over to my house every weekend until they moved. They left in no time at all.

  7. Robert – I’m using the JCB driver [to practice my driving].

    Anyway the Jackson Pollock house is a different one. There are a few houses around here within driving range.

    Grannymar – I’m ready for them!!

    Brianf – I think were talking a different breed of wasp here. My type are black and yellow. Your type are exclusively white?

  8. Some wasps nests (especially the ones that are made outdoors in trees) make excellent light shades if you wait for the wasps to vacate them.

  9. B3n – This one was build deep inside their roofspace. But it did light up nicely, just before the cylinders blew.

  10. I do agree, there’s no such thing as Collateral Damage or Friendly fire when we’re talking about Wasps! We must take all measures necessary to rid the world of this evil menace. Now where have I heard those sentiments before? Hmmmmm…

  11. …… and anyone who harbours wasps must be considered an enemy. Either you are with us or against us.

  12. Oh, fork ya’ll !
    For some reason nobody seems to remember the 47 UN resolutions.
    Selective amnesia!
    Well fork ya’ all for being stupid shits!
    Yes, I said that out loud.

  13. Baino – I like that. Instant flame thrower! Yes. Please send a breeding pair of spiders – minimum diameter 6 inches, black, with big hairy legs. Preferably carnivorous.

    Brianf – You f*cked up. You ignored the U.N. You screwed a country and made an almighty shambles. You did the wrong thing in a big way. Accept the fact.

  14. Removing wasps is easier with the Spray Close Spray Extender. Found at English Gardens and other locations – see sprayclosesprayextender.

  15. I found another way to remove a wasp nest. In fact it was my 13 year old son that came up with the idea. I had an old tractor that I was working on and when I went to start it I found that behind electronics panel was a huge nest (50-100 wasps) .. well I couldn’t very well use a torch (which I have done in the past) because I’d fry the wiring … so my son said hey dad, why don’t you try that can of air you use for your computer. Let’s put it this way turned upside down it will give you frostbite in about 3 seconds. So after dark, I headed down, didn’t shine the light directly on them and let ’em have it. Needless to say I’m sure they were thinking winter came awful fast because they started dropping where I could step on them .. not one escaped and no one sting. I have chickens and I was worried about the chems with the birds. This way, no chems and no wasps .. I wanted to pass this along because it’s cheap, easy and so far it works.

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