Nudge nudge wink wink — 12 Comments

  1. There’ll only be two entrants in the Eurovision song contest: Europe and Israel.

  2. Holemaster – And still we’ll continue to lose.

    Not Green – I think Mossy hit the nail there. 

    Mossy – Your previous comment is a classic example of Nudge in operation.  Change little but change often.  A bit like Chinese Whispers.

    Patrick – You scared ’em off?

  3. so, heres the deal, i won’t refer to you as “european” if you don’t refer to me as an “american”
    and i’ll correct people over here if you’ll do the same across the big pond on your side, deal?
    canada isn’t america tyvm

    @patrick harris
    fuckwits have been nudge to become sheeple i think

  4. Welcome Dioclese!  The problem is that people don’t realise they are in the Fourth Reich.  By the time they realise it. it’s too late.

  5. One way male athletes could protest is by ‘going Greek’ (as in the ancient olympics) and turning out in their birthday suits for the running, jumping, humping, javelin throwing and bullthrowing events. But then some bureaucrat Fourth Reicher might get the brainwave of having compulsory flag tatoos inscribed on their backsides.

  6. I really and seriously believe the EU “dream” is heading for collapse as is indicated by the greater influence of Marxist thinking being allowed to influence Brussels, that and the impending implosion of the Euro when Greece defaults which alone will sting Wall Street for $127 Billion in insurance payouts taken out by the powers that be agaist this eventuality; The U.S. may well also default in the next few weeks on its debts of $14.3 TRILLION and the lines between Washington, Germany and Brussels are apparently glowing nicely.
    Ultimately Brussels does not have an army, the ALL of the sovereign states involved do, so the final choice fot the govts. of each country is; do we quell the civillian unrest and disobedience by force with our armies or do we ignore Brussels and listen to our peoples?

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