A quick word — 14 Comments

  1. Peruse.
    There is a word that doesn’t know what it means.
    It means, “to read thoroughly” but we use to mean “to skim an article or book”
    Now that’s one confused word.

  2. In the same way that ‘egregious used to be a compliment but now would be considered an insult!

  3. I always thought it meant bad or wrong so I looked it up…’re right it’s a very confused word.
    It used to mean outstandingly good and now it means outstandingly bad – now HOW did that happen? 
    …..of course “wicked” can be taken both ways depending on your age. 

  4. Meltemian – Don’t start me off on the brain-dead modern generation.  Since when did ‘cool’ and ‘hot’ come to mean the same thing?

    Welcome John56477!  Indeed it does.  I didn’t even realise that poppies had them.

  5. Hows about “ri ra agus ruaille buaille”. An expression rather than a word, but what the hell…..

  6. “ri ra agus ruaille buaille” – “uproar and commotion”
     Gay – now there’s a word that’s been transgendered / transformed

  7. I refuse to use the word “gay” since it was hijacked.  Another is that horrendous word “guys” as a reference to a group.  A “guy” used to be male but now it means anyone.  I only use the word now when talking about tents.

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