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  1. Here at my apartment complex we have the french system.  there is a central area where we put trash in a big dumpster and cans in a small one and bottles in yet another small bin.  When I lived in a house we had the garbage nazis picking up on Mondays, sometimes.  We also had to separate all the different recyclables into different colored bins but at least we put them all out on the same day.  If you got some mixed up then they wouldn’t pick up anything from your house.  Assholes!  I prefer the system we have here like the french system.
    Becky, I loved Fraggle Rock

  2. Becky – Or Trapdoor?  I was a great fan of that!

    Brianf – I suppose there is an argument against communal bins in that people without cars may have problems.  In an apartment complex it’s fine, but the French ones tend to be tucked away in discreet spots in the countryside.

  3. “DON’T YOU OPEN THAT TRAP DOOOOR..YOU’RE A FOOL IF YOU DARE”  Loved that show as well.

  4. I throw my garbage off the deck and into the trees at the back of the house. The ‘coons, rats, coyotes and possums take care of the perishables and ‘the people that live in the woods’ take away the rest.

  5. Slab – If it weren’t for the lack of trees around the place, I would swear that was my gaff.  An uncanny resemblance.

    Becky – G’wan….  take the rest of the evening off.

    TT – We have a lot more in common than you care to admit.


  6. No rubbish collections here – just take it to the nearest bins.  There is supposed to be one bin for ‘recycling’ and one for the rest only that one gets full pretty fast so in practice you tend to use either.  That’s always supposing the bin emptying men have been paid – otherwise they’re on strike again and you just dump it as close to the bins as you can.  Occasionally when the council is particularly broke the rubbish blocks the road!!

  7. Grandan, I hope it’s not true that they’re shipping out all the Irish junky stuff to us lawabiding quiet folk here in China. We have enuff rubbish of our own to dispose of as it is. I lived in a block of flats in one city some years ago and left all my kitchen rubbish in plastic bags at the entrance to our apartment section (they have thousands of numbers, just to help everyone feel like a number) and within minutes there was an auld wan rummaging for disposable cans and plastic bottles. In an open unlandscaped area between highrise blocks a group of four or five people employed themselves (a few might have been residents) sorting plastics, cans and dry paper into heaps. These were then taken in carts or hired vans to factories around the city and sold by weight. This is called socialism with Chinese characteristics, I gather. Capitalism with Irish characteristics is also known as the brown bag economy, and presumably the cutehoors learned to recycle brown bags (?) But don’t reveal such recycling secrets to China please.
    For thousands of years China had nightsoil collectors in its bustling (polite word) towns and cities who went around collecting human excrement and then carting it out to the periurban farms for sale as ready-to-use compost.

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