Nightmares — 7 Comments

  1. Instead of regular pay can’t you claim Hazardous Duty pay or maybe even Disability pay

  2. Not Disability as they would then claim I was unable to work.  Hazardous duty, yes.  And extra pay for Out of Normal Hours Roster.  And double time for last night.  Then there is Travel and Subsistence……….

  3. Sounds as though you’d qualify for unpredictability allowance too – as lomng as it isn’t the same nightmare every night.

  4. Different jobs but the same crowd.  I am determined to get a good night’s sleep tonight so I have booked myself some leave.

  5. I’d keep this idea quiet if I were you. With governments looking for new ways to raise revenue I foresee a “I have  dream” tax. Whats worse the bastards would figure out how to make it retroactive. It would not actually raise any revenue as they would have to create and staff an entirely new department to monitor and regulate dreams. It would take at least 300 to 400 pages just for regulations on mattresses alone. I can see this turning into a nightmare.

  6. Good one, Jim.  I shouldn’t laugh though as that is just the kind of idiotic thing they would try to do. 

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