World No Tobacco Day — 11 Comments

  1. How about a “No Smugness” day where all those smug anti smokers shut the fuck up about smoking

  2. YES!! to all of it in all it’s silliness!! passive cars the worst!

    its not the non smokers, its the friggin’ smokers who quit who are the smuggest asses in the world. righteous bastards ta hell with them!!

  3. Dessiegee – Unfortunately a No Smugness Day would leave us victims of our own strategy.

    Cat – Why is it that converts are always the worst?  Smoking and religion have that in common!

  4. “Why is it that converts are always the worst?”
    Not so GD ! I gave up smoking 20 months ago for health reasons but anyone who wants a puff in my company is welcome to do so.
    And I don’t preach to my daughter or those of my friends that still smoke.
    Also, smoking is not banned in restaurants and bars here in Tunisia so my motto is “live and let live”.

  5. Just curious GD. (No hidden agenda.)  If you could turn back the clock, would you have ever started to smoke? I admit I would not.

  6. Mossy – Sorry!  Sweeping statement retracted.  Most converts?

    TT – A very good question.  Probably not on the grounds of the amount of tax I have had to pay over the years.  But the same question could be applied to so many things.  Would I have ever used sugar or alcohol?  Or an extreme example – if I could turn back the clock would I have preferred to be raised in a warmer climate?

  7. Let’s have a World No Interferring, Nanny-State, Health-Stasi Pillocks Day ..

    A day on which its “open season” on all of the above ..

    A day on which you’re entitled to kill as many of ’em as possible, with no legal come-backs ..

    Just one measly day a year .. not too much to ask for, I wouldn’t have thought ..

  8. I’d like to see a No Clothes Day. Or maybe a no Clothes Night in Braille. Could get tricky…..

  9. Today is World Tobacco Day at my house.
    Come to think of it every day is World Tobacco Day at my house

  10. Haddock – That day should be marked with an international fireworks display.  It shouldn’t be too hard to time the explosions, with modern fuses?

    TT – I can say, with my hand on my heart that I have never suffered from any ailment as a result of smoking, except for the one time I nearly set myself on fire.  That taught me never to put a lit pipe in a jacket pocket.

    Slab – Combine No Clothes Day with No Electricity Day?  It would add an extra dimension to feeling ones way around in the dark?

    Briabf – Good on ya son.  I knew I could rely on you!

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