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  1. The Television shoulkd keep at least 100 bobbies permanently occupied or will “television swearing” be exempt  – because you can turn it off?

  2. Nothing really new here. There has to be a specific law on the statute to be broken. I suspect it’s the old “behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace.” Which has been around, and enforced,for eons. In Ireland also.

  3. Patrick – Personally, I find television as a whole quite offensive.  If I start charging it £80 a time, I’d make a fortune!

    TT – I presume you’e right, but what would concern me is what exactly constitutes swearing?  Cat illustrates it nicely, as for all I know that could be the Canadian equivalent of calling me a fucking cunt.  Or it could be a compliment……… ?

  4. “One ‘fuck’ and you immediately become a racist scum….”
    I feel sorry for the dyslexic trying to pronounce that clothing brand.

  5. “If they ever try to bring the likes of that into force here, they can think again. ”
    Er… Isn’t that what people said about the smoking ban?

  6. Well it isn’t the word it’s how it’s used. eg “Fer fucks sake come here ye auld cunt and let me buy you a pint;” as opposed to  “Fuck off ya cunt afore I slash yer fuckin’ throat with the broken end of Grandad’s pipe.” See; likely to lead to a breach of the piece.

  7. In Germany it is a punishable offence to swear or make rude gestures at other road users who fuck you up.
    Eh Hello, you just cut in front of me, nasty person, and nearly broke my car. I became very frightened and I was upset and worried about the danger you put us both in. I feel sick now and might not be able to go to work tomorrow. I might even be suffering post traumatic stress.
    Would you bother…..Fuck you, cunt. Get yer pile of shite outtada way. followed by the Bird. Satisfation.
    Silly Germans….

  8. OK.  I’m going to go through all the comments here.  I shall be invoicing you all at the rate of £80 per word.  Heh!

  9. I must remember to never darken fucking Barnsley’s doorstep with my Tourettes an all…. 🙂

  10. Oi! you started the smoking ban before us. We followed you. Thanks a lot, tossers.

  11. Correction, Frank J – I didn’t start it.  We didn’t start it.  A fucking arsehole of a Health Minister started it without any consultation whatsoever. if you want to blame anyone, blame Micheal Martin, who is the current leader of the opposition, and a right cunt.

  12. Take your point, GD, but, like yourself, I’m speaking generally and remember we aint so keen on being fined for ‘swearing’ in UK, either. But in our area the ban was implemented firstly in the Emerald Isle and rapidly converted Scotland, apparently in an afternoon’s visit. The ban in Ireland and Scotland was then oft quoted in the Westminster debate as being ‘successful’. Was it? is it? or we both just prepared to roll over and have our tummies tickled?

    It’s now reaching the stage of some serious revolt? It’d soon catch on. All that’s needed is somebody to start it.

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