Living above the law — 6 Comments

  1. Ok let me see if I got this straight.
    Two guys go out drinking.
    LATE AT NIGHT, after drinking all evening these two guys get into a fight over some stupid drunkin reason.
    One guy wins and one guy loses
    Winner guy gets charged with assault and is sent to jail for 18 months.
    And you don’t think you live in a police(nanny) state?
    Winner guy should have gotten some hours of commmunity service or maybe ordered to anger managment classes max but 18 months in jail is wrong!

  2. @Brianf Brain bleed is serious,I know i had one,can not write as well and screw math,I think he should have gotten 18 years. GD it is the same here

  3. Brianf – I would completely agree with you except for one thing .. Winner Guy was a policeman and therefore should have been setting an example.  A lot of the police here seem to think they are untouchable and an example should have been made of him, instead of which he is effectively let off.  Granted he will have lost his job, but that is pretty lenient?

    Popeye – By all accounts the bloke was pretty badly beaten up, and is lucky to be alive.  As you say, a brain bleed is a damned serious thing.

  4. It’s not about winning a fight. Nor about taking a drink. Or what time of day or night it was.  Good job the victim wasn’t smoking! Would hve really been his own fault then. No, it’s about excessive force. About a fucking pig kicking the shite out of someone for no reason. Then getting away with it. Let’s hope he doesn’t, eh?

  5. It’s not like the guards are taking some heavenly blessed oath though (like priests?!?) in all fairness, they’re only human. Apart from, that is, the ones that use their badge as a free-for-all expression of unlimited power. Thank God those fuckers don’t have guns.

  6. Nice to know that some things haven’t changed. The Gardai remain above the law when it applies themselves.

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