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  1. Enjoyed this , it brought back memories of walking to school every day and when it rained you put on a pair of black wellies ,which rubbed your legs and gave you a rash!! Sure it didn’t kill us 🙂

  2. Welcome Kala59!  [Is that name really on your birth cert?].  The two most vivid memories I have of that school are closed doors with a class chanting their tables, and the smell of laurel.  There used to be a laurel hedge along the front wall [now gone] and to this day the smell of a laurel hedge reminds me of that place.

  3. I dreaded school, got out as quick as I can, the young’uns like it and I blame the “organic” food shit..puts them all in la la land

  4. Anyway it all seems to be play these days.  They should be fluent in Calculus and Latin by seven years….

  5. Amo,amas,amat,amamus,amatis,amant…… load o’ shite. Never used it in my life.
    Well, until now.

  6. There was a strong suspicion at my convent school that the nuns didn’t actually have legs, they just glided around on casters!  Mind you that was in the ’50’s, teachers were probably a bit more serene then. Come to think of it they DID manage to climb stairs so we were obviously wrong.  Daleks would have ruled the earth if they had only been able to do that!

  7. Where I live was white America, then became black America and is now Latin/Korean/Vietnamese/black/Russian/Indian America. And by Indian I refer to the sub continent. I actually kind of like it this way. For the most part.

  8. I had a ball in School. Im probably the only CBS student who enjoyed school. I slagged the shit out of the teachers who reciprocated in the banter. Even as I was leaving The Principal offered me a job, one of the past pupils was looking for a few good men. Trouble was, I was having such a great time, I did shite in my exams. It has’nt held me back or made any difference to my career though (lucky bastard).
    I have to make sure that my little slablets are’nt aware of this fact though or they too would be slacking off at school.
    Oh the hyprocracy of it all. We should be able to enjoy school, so hats off to the little “puppy” children of today. There’ll be too much serious crap when they leave school.

  9. Meletmian – Don’t tell anyone but I had to look up the caster/castor thing.  You are right, unless they slide around on castor oil?  I’m talking about the fifties too, and my lot were just weird – a bit like black burqas.

    TT – You living in a prison?  Heh!

    Slab – You went to a CBS and enjoyed it?  Are you heavily into sadomasochism or something? That is one of the strangest things I have heard in a long time.  Unless of course you were at school only a few years ago.  I believe they have improved somewhat.  I think it has something to do with the tribunals?

  10. Come on ‘tt’, did you never get one of those latin conjugations in a crossword puzzle ? Sometimes it’s the word that gets you out of a corner. Never sell the dead languages short.

  11. What’s a conjugation?
    Apropos nought but I wish Chaz Bono would just fuck off and  throw hereself through la fenestra of a very tall building.

  12. And yet you sent your poor daughter off to the same fate, to end up with the same fear of nuns!

    I agree with Meltemian, they do indeed seem to hover and not walk.  It’s very creepy.

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